Jason Aldean, Brett Young Share Photo from Golf Course: ‘Gettin’ 18 In’

by Joe Rutland

Golfers will not let much get in the way of hitting the links anytime possible. Case in point: Country music’s Jason Aldean and Brett Young.

It apparently didn’t matter to these two that temperatures at the golf course were not, um, too comfy.

Take look at how Aldean described the situation.

One cannot be any clearer about their outing than Aldean was on Saturday.

Golfers are going to golf. It literally will take and act of God, at times, to get them to not play.

As you can see, Brett Young gives a kind of an “I gotta do what I gotta do” shrug in the golf cart. Jason Aldean, meanwhile, is enjoying a cigar while touring around 18 holes.

There were no updates on either player’s final score from Saturday. If they are posted, then we’ll let you know.

Brett Young Looks Forward To Christmas Album In Future

Getting off the golf course, Young sets his sights on making a Christmas album down the road.

He and his wife have a deep love for the holiday season. But he knows that he missed out on an opportunity to make a holiday album this year.

“I love Christmas music,” Young said. “I’ve been talking a lot about doing it, more than just one song — whether it’s an EP or a full-length — and what we can do to make it a little different. Because I don’t wanna write Christmas songs. I would love to do the classics, but in a different vibe or style.”

Young said he needed to go into the studio in June to cut a Christmas record and have it out in time.

He realized that he wanted to produce a Christmas album too late. The idea didn’t occur to him until the latter part of 2020 despite being a perfect time for a little holiday cheer.

Jason Aldean Can’t Wait To Get On The Road Again

Like many country music singers, Aldean said he misses being back on the road and performing live concerts again. He shared his anticipation to perform again with fans on Twitter.

Aldean hopes the COVID-19 pandemic is gone by next year.

According to Aldean’s website, Aldean plans to hit the road again in July 2021. He has concerts planned in Fort Loramie, Ohio, and Brooklyn, Mich. Tickets for those concerts are on sale. He also has a concert in Iowa planned for August 2021.

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