Jason Aldean Shows Off His Adorable Family In Behind the Scenes Pic from Life on the Road

by Taylor Cunningham

Jason Aldean got Back in the Saddle on August 8th, and he’s been touring the county ever since. And the star’s two youngest kids paid their dad a special visit during his most recent show in California. 

Family comes first for Jason Aldean. He and his wife Brittney have four kids living in their Middle Tennessee mansion. And Jason loves every minute he gets to spend with them. But he’s a major county star, and sometimes he has to live on the road. Last month, the CMA winner had to say goodbye as he jumped a bus for his latest tour.

In the past, he’d bring his family of six along for the ride. But this year is a little different because his two youngest children, Memphis and Navy, need to stay in Nashville with their mom. 

As Aldean told Country Music Now in May, his three-year-old and two-year-old “don’t do well sleeping on the bus.” So, he’ll have to spend most of his year-long tour without them. However, according to Jason’s Instagram page, Brittney and the tikes got to meet up in Mountain View, CA. 

“Showtime in Cali,” wrote the Burnin’ it Down singer. In the picture, Jason Aldean is backstage with Memphis, Navy, and Brittney. And Jason looks happy to be reunited once again.

Jason Aldean Honored the 13 Service Members Killed in Afghanistan

Jason Aldean’s love for god, family, and country is rooted in his family’s rich ties to the military. Many of his relatives were soldiers, including both his father and grandfather. Because of that, he has a strong respect for our men and women in service. And throughout the years, Aldean has been very vocal about his support for our troops.

When 13 military members were killed in a bombing at Afghanistan’s Kabul airport he—like most of us—felt the loss hard. And in a special tribute, Aldean repurposed his 2012 song Drink One for Me and dedicated it to each soldier who lost their life.

The song, with the lyrics “I can’t count the miles / It just feels so far / And it could be awhile / ’Til I’m where you are / So keep me in your heart,” speaks to people who died too early.

On September 2nd, Jason Aldean posted the tribute on Instagram.

“Drink One for Them,” he wrote. “Coming from a military family, it’s been tough to find the words to express how I feel for what’s happened in Afghanistan. It’s heartbreaking and unforgivable. We appreciate your service and thank you all for your sacrifice.”

In the touching video, the country singer included photos and clips of each fallen service member.