Jason Aldean Talks ‘Big Influence’ of Hometown Roots as ‘Macon’ Album Debuts

by Kati Kuuseoks

The CMAs featured some killer collaborations this year including Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood’s “If I Didn’t Love You.” Outsider’s Jim Casey compiled a list of the top 5 performances from the night so don’t forget to pop on over there after brushing up on your Jason Aldean updates.

While Jason Aldean didn’t walk away with any awards this year, he did just put out a new album. So, there’s really no telling what the coming year looks like. You can already tell “Macon” means a lot to him as he goes into the story of the “big influence” of his hometown roots and how he was raised on his music.

Jason Aldean ‘Still Can’t Believe the Life He’s Been Given Sometimes’

Jason Aldean describes “Macon” as really special given that it’s his 10th record. It actually makes up one-half of a double album with “Georgia” set to premiere some time next year. On Instagram, he treated fans to an intimate deep dive into the project’s inspiration. The name kind of gives it away, but ultimately he sees the project as a love letter to his roots. We know our Outsiders understand that sentiment. That’s what country’s all about.

Listen to him talk here:

Aldean starts off the video by saying he still finds it hard to believe “the life he’s been given” sometimes. He goes on to say he’ll “always remember where he came from and where he started.” The 15-track album comes highly anticipated and marks his first since 2019. He goes into more detail about choosing the songs for the album on his Instagram Story.

Ultimately, he says that it’s always difficult figuring out what songs to cut for an album. And he fully admits, he doesn’t always get it right. In fact, sometimes the songs he thinks will underperform actually go on to hit it big and vice versa. It’s really an art form and one that he plans on perfecting for many more decades.

Family Values

Brittany Aldean recently launched a clothing line “based around patriotic values and being proud Americans.” She worked with Jason’s sister and the wife of country singer Chuck Wicks, Kasi Rosa Wicks, for the launch. And like the good hubby he is, Jason Aldean lent his wife some modeling.

The couple continues to remain outspoken about their values despite the backlash. Ultimately, Brittany says that her prayer as a mama is that her babies are raised in a loving, safe place where they have the ability to grow into the best versions of themselves. Together, the couple says they will continue to teach their kids what they think is right and what they think is best for their future.