Jason Aldean Talks ‘Life Lessons’ Growing Up Playing Baseball

by Chase Thomas

What’s better than sports, Outsiders? Sports are incredibly important for a multitude of reasons, one of which is what it teaches kids as they grow up. Life is complicated and being an adult is hard. Progress is not linear and that is something you learn playing sports as you grow up. That things do not always go according to plan even when you do everything right. Sometimes you can work harder than the other team and prepare better and still find yourself on the losing side. Sometimes, that story is flipped and it works out in your favor. That’s why it was so interesting to see Jason Aldean talk “life lessons” while growing up playing baseball.

He learned that “you need a team of people around you” to succeed. There are a lot of parallels between music and sports. Aldean, in the video, talks about all the different ways in which sports impacted him. Sports taught him the importance of competition and striving to be the best. Baseball is a team game, as seen by Mike Trout’s career in Los Angeles with the Angels. Aldean citing baseball makes sense, especially in music because he does need a great team around him to succeed.

“Baseball was my passion,” Aldean said about his childhood. Music was his “hobby,” interestingly enough. However, as we have seen throughout Aldean’s career, that clearly changed. Aldean still loves baseball and loved what the sport taught him and sports in general. He still today strives to be the best in country music and a lot of that has to do with his background playing baseball.

Jason Aldean and The Braves

Jason Aldean may not have gone pro as he may have liked growing up, but it worked out on the country music front, we would say. Aldean is still a huge Atlanta Braves fan, which is cool to see. He told iHeartRadio earlier this year about the Braves’ run, “Then, all of a sudden, after the all-star break, they started putting some guys in place, and it was just a shot in the arm for the team.” Those major moves for Jorge Solar and Eddie Rosario turned out to be gigantic moves for the franchise as the Braves won the 2021 World Series.

Jason Aldean concluded, “They weren’t expected to beat the Brewers. They knocked them out. Nobody picked them to beat the Dodgers, and they beat them out. Now we are in the World Series for the first time in 22 years. It feels like they are never out of the game, man. So, it’s fun to watch.” How cool is that, Outsiders?