Jason Aldean’s Veterans Day Post Censored by Instagram

by Hunter Miller

Jason Aldean‘s now-deleted Veteran’s Day post is setting off Instagram alarms. The “Dirt Road Anthem” singer took to social media like many country music stars to pay tribute to those in uniform, but the social media platform flagged Aldean’s post.

Earlier on Wednesday, the 43-year-old CMA winner posted a photo with a quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln. The quote reads: “‘America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within.’ — Abraham Lincoln.”

However, Instagram marked the post as “false” because of a previous USA Today fact check that claimed Lincoln never actually said the phrase.

Take Two: Jason Aldean Shares a Second Veteran’s Day Post

Aldean then went on to delete the post. However, he didn’t let the incident dampen his spirits and keep him from celebrating Veterans Day. He once again took to Instagram shortly thereafter to post a photo of the American flag.

Aldean shared the photo with the caption: “LET ME TRY THIS AGAIN!! Thank you to all our veterans past and present. My father, grandfather and numerous other family members have served in the military over the years to help keep our country safe and protect our FREEDOM! I don’t now, and will never support any person or organization that threatens to take that away from us. 🇺🇸 #landofthefree #homeofthebrave.”

He then concluded the post by writing: “The fact that we can be censored (which happened to my original post) is proof alone that we need to protect our first amendment. I will always speak up and give thanks to our veterans, their bravery and what they’ve done for this amazing country🙏🏼”

The country star’s post racked up thousands of likes and comments from his fans and followers. While many shared heart and American flag emojis, the responses to his and his wife Brittany Aldean’s previous posts about the election definitely received more heated reactions. Learn more here.