Jason Isbell Tweets Out Hilarious Stat About Joe Biden and Steve Miller Band

by Will Shepard

Four-time Grammy Award winner Jason Isbell poked fun at the election Wednesday, with the Steve Miller Band as the vehicle. As country singer-songwriter Isbell takes to Twitter to lighten the mood, he can’t help but notice something odd about the remaining states left up for grabs in the 2020 Presidential Election.

In fact, Isbell is typically focused on his music but likes to drop a gag here and there. Isbell’s latest includes the era of music that has influenced a lot of the artist’s own music, so it makes sense this came to Isbell’s mind.

“Biden could still pull of the historical sweep of every state Steve Miller has been to in Keep On Rockin Me Baby”. This is classic Isbell, whose Twitter is typically filled with the off-hand joke or comment.

Twitter Responds to Jason Isbell

People seemed to love the tweet.

Although she spelled tweet wrong, we won’t fault her too much. Everyone can appreciate a good Twitter joke or screw-up.

People immediately started fact checking the tweet, and provided their updates and thoughts.

After a thorough singing of the song, it turns out that Isbell is – at least for now – indeed correct about the state’s election outcome. To be sure, Pennsylvania is absolutely not a sure thing for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden. Moreover, many presidential election sites have not given Arizona to former Vice President Biden.

As one Twitter user points out, he is still waiting on the statistics from other bands. Aren’t we all?