Jennifer Nettles Dishes on Upcoming ‘Hallelujah Anyway’ Show

by Halle Ames

Jennifer Nettles will be serving all sort of much needed holiday cheer with her upcoming show, ‘Hallelujah Anyway’ on Christmas Eve.

Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles announced to CMT that she will be hosting a virtual show from New York City on the night of December 23. Tickets are $15, and you can purchase them here.

When describing the show, the artist said that this would be, “a lean, scrappy, intimate kind of hallelujah.”

Sounds perfectly 2020 to us!

Nettles said she is having the special celebration because she wanted to relive her Christmas album without recreating a whole different one. She just wanted to bring the gift of music to fans.

“First of all, I love the holiday season. For several years, I hosted the CMA Country Christmas special, which I loved doing. Then a few years ago, I put out a Christmas album, To Celebrate Christmas. So this is in the spirit of trying to make some sort of approximation for live music. I wanted to do a virtual concert, see what it’s like, and just get some music to the people.”

Jennifer Nettles Says the Show Resembles Resilience

Jennifer Nettles said she loved the virtual aspect and how it resembles the hardships everyone has encountered this year.

“When I was doing the CMA shows, I loved that. But this year is not those years, and this show is not those shows. It is definitely a show for 2020. It is one that is in the spirit of not only the holidays but in the spirit of resilience. We have all had such an opportunity to practice resilience in such a challenging year. And so I wanted to celebrate the holiday season in music, I wanted to laugh in spite of everything, and be hopeful that this show can connect people to each other. You can just click — you don’t even have to go out — and you can celebrate something virtually and safely.”

The performance will also feature a “sneak peek” into a project she has been working on. However, she says that considering 2020 and social distancing, she will be adjusting the setlist.

“I have my Christmas album, so I’m going to be singing all the songs off of that. I’m also going to be offering a sneak peek of a new solo project. But really it is more about celebrating the songs from the holiday that I love. But I had to consider all of these songs I love through the lens of 2020 and people being away from their families, so for example, I’m not going to be singing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.”

Jennifer Nettles also reveals that she will be releasing new music in the upcoming year. 2021 is looking up already!