Jimmy Buffett ‘Found Me Some Peace’ in Classic Throwback Photo

by Emily Morgan

Like a fine wine (or in his case, a good beer), Jimmy Buffett’s classically cool style continues to get better as the country music legend gets older. 

On Monday, the “Margaritaville” singer took to Twitter to post an old-school-cool throwback photo. 

In the black and white photo, a twenty-something Buffett appears to be in full relaxation mode as he casually enjoys a cold beverage while rocking ’70s style aviator sunglasses. Even though his hair and clothes are somewhat disheveled, the Alabama-native looks cool as a cucumber. 

In addition to the photo, Buffett also included the lyrics to his song, “I Have Found Me a Home.” 

My old red bike Gets me around 

To the bars and the beaches of my town 

And there aren’t many reasons I would leave 

Yes, I have found me some peace.

The laid-back tune is off his third studio album, A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean. Initially released on June 4, 1973, it was the first album of his career to feature Buffett’s signature mustache, which Buffett would wear until he released his 1988 album, Hot Water. 

The lyrics aptly match the singer’s carefree vibe in the photo. The tweet makes us wonder if Buffet is currently longing to go back to the lifestyle he sang so many songs about. 

Jimmy Buffett Says Goodbye To His Palm Beach Paradise

In early October, the country music star sold his piece of paradise. Located in Palm Beach, Fla., Buffet sold his mansion for $6.9 million, significantly more than the $4.95 million he paid for the property in 2011.

Buffett’s 3-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom, 4,039-square-foot mansion in the exclusive Palm Beach neighborhood is precisely the kind of peaceful home you’d expect the singer to relax in when he’s not touring. 

The country music star and business man also owns homes on the Caribbean Island of St. Barts and Beverly Hills. 

It appears Buffett will no longer be “wastin’ away” in his Palm Beach mansion.