Jimmy Buffett Reveals Details of Unique Ad Collaboration in Latest Throwback Photo

by Madison Miller

Jimmy Buffett has great taste in music, given his longstanding success in the industry. However, he also has great taste in boats.

When Buffett purchased his boat, “Euphoria II,” he also agreed to an ad with the manufacturer of the boat. The ad would also promote his brand new album.

The headlines of the ad read, “The Son of a Son of a Sailor Takes Command of his Cheoy Lee Clipper 48.” It was a reference to his 1992 album, “Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads.” The album featured Jimmy Buffett’s popular song “Son Of A Son Of A Sailor.”

While he sings about being the son of a son of a sailor, Buffett himself is a pretty stellar sailor himself.

“Euphoria II” is where Buffett wrote many of his famous songs like “Cheeseburger in Paradise” while cruising through the water on this yacht.

According to BuffettNews.com, he purchased his first boat called “Euphoria” in 1976. Then the next year he bought “Euphoria II,” which is a 48′ Cheoy Lee Clipper Ketch. Over the next few decades, Buffett continued to purchase more boats.

Not all of them were massive yachts, either. He purchased a sailboat called “Chill” in 2005. The boat was sold and had an original asking price of $875,000,000.

Jimmy Buffett and His Newest Boat

His newest addition to the collection is the 2018 Surfari. It is a 48-foot sailboat with an open-concept deck layout.

According to Soundings, Jimmy Buffett is an avid angler. He wanted to purchase a boat that would allow him to quickly get to a good spot to fish and then return back. The boat is painted the same sea-foam green as the rest of Buffet’s boats.

It’s a dedication to his easygoing lifestyle of boating and fishing now that he’s in his 70s.

While he is known for his music, Buffett started a career as a successful businessman as well. He opened up his restaurant chain, named after his hit song, called Margaritaville Cafe. He also co-developed Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Buffett has a net worth of $550 million, making him one of the richest musicians.

Jimmy Buffett is also responsible for a frozen food line called Margaritaville Foods and his own beer called Landshark Lager. He has his own Margaritaville tequila, rum, and iced tea brands. He also owns a casual footwear brand. His Margaritaville chain has become far larger than just a restaurant and now is the name behind countless products.

Buffett is living a life of beaches, relaxation, and boats reminiscent of his “island escapism” music.