Joe Nichols Announces New Album ‘Good Day for Living’ Along With Release Date

by Clayton Edwards

 Joe Nichols hit the country music scene in 1996 with his self-titled debut record. Since then, he’s dropped a total of nine studio albums and sent six singles to the top of the Billboard Country Airplay chart. He cut “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off,” “Brokenheartsville,” and “Gimme That Girl” among others. In short, if you listened to country radio at any point after 1996, you’ve heard his music even if you don’t remember his name.

Joe Nichols released his latest single, “Home Run” back in June of this year. It left many country music fans wondering if or when Nichols would be coming with a new full-length. Well, the wait is almost over. On Friday, November 12, Nichols announced that he’ll have a brand new record hitting shelves on February 11. “Home Run” was the lead single from the new project titled Good Day for Living.

Joe Nichols’ upcoming album has some serious behind-the-scenes power. It contains co-writes by 90s country mainstay Rhett Akins, Ashley Gorley (“Sand In My Boots,” “Up,” “You’re Gonna Miss This”), Chris Janson, and many more. Additionally, Blake Shelton joins Nichols for the track “I Got Friends That Do.” Overall, the album looks like it’s primed and ready for radio success.

Joe Nichols Is Looking for a Home Run with Good Day for Living

After he gave the world a taste of the new record with “Home Run” Joe Nichols spoke to Taste of Country. During that interview, he talked about where he was creatively and how he’s approaching new music.

Joe Nichols compared where he is today to one of his older records. He said that with Man with a Memory (2002), he wanted to tell a cohesive story. As a result, he picked songs that fit into the narrative. Now, however, Nichols is less concerned with creating a multi-song narrative. Instead, he’s looking for “radio success and lyrical depth.”

Today, fewer people sit down and listen to albums front-to-back. So, Joe Nichols is taking that into account. About his current strategy, Nichols said, “I think today is more, ‘Let’s find hits’ and then we’ll form a story after the fact.”

Additionally, Joe Nichols feels like he’s matured and as an artist. His upcoming album will reflect that. So, if you liked what he did in the past, this new record should be a treat.

If you want to see Joe Nichols live and maybe get a taste of some of his new music, you’re in luck. Nichols will be bouncing around the country and playing a handful of dates until mid-December. Then, he’ll be back on the road the day after Good Day for Living hits shelves. Check out his website for all the dates, details, and tickets. Additionally, you can preorder or presave his new record while you’re there.