John Rich Tributes Soldiers Who Gave Ultimate Sacrifice by Reserving Spot for Them at His Bar in Moving Photo

by Matthew Memrick

Country star and entrepreneur John Rich recently shared a photo in a moving tribute to the 13 fallen soldiers at his Nashville bar.

The star had 13 shots of alcohol set up at the bar and captioned the photo by saying that he and his staff had the most profound respect and gratitude for them. 

According to The Associated Press, a suicide blast last week killed 192 people, including the 13 soldiers. There were 150 more injured, and of them, 18 were U.S. military members. 

Of the 13 who died, there were eleven marines, one soldier, and one Navy corpsman. Sadly many of the group were not old enough to drink.

One of Rich’s Twitter followers responded, “I’m coming to your bar today to buy them 13 more drinks. Love this.”

After the attack, Rich Tweeted, “America’s heart is breaking, its fists are clinched and its eyes are streaming with tears of blind fury. I haven’t felt this way since 911. To all our troops and veterans, we love and respect you, and we are sorry for the disgrace you are being subjected to.” 

Rich Keeping Busy

The 47-year-old Rich played in Mill Spring, North Carolina, with his band, Big and Rich. On Friday, the group played “God Bless America” during its set.

Rich formed the band with William Alpin in 2003. The tour continues next week with five dates. It kicks back up in Connecticut next month (two dates Sept. 1 and Sept. 15), and wraps in Lubbock, Texas (Sept. 19.).

Recently, Rich signed up for a new show called “The Pursuit! with John Rich.”

The country music star will be interviewing celebrity guests as part of the show. The first guest Rich may have could be “American Pickers” host Mike Wolfe. The series begins the week of Sept. 20. 

John Rich Backs Singer Underwood

In the past week, Rich has come to the aid of another country superstar.

When Carrie Underwood, 38, expressed her opinion by liking someone’s Tweet on vaccines and her children, social media was not too happy with the remark.

Some users on Twitter caught the “Jesus Take The Wheel” singer liking conservative figure Matt Walsh’s tweet that featured his address to a local school board. His tweet came on Aug. 18, while the initial adress was on Aug. 10.

Rich jumped in and said Underwood, “like whatever tweet she wants to like.” He went on to praise the Oklahoma native and went after the Twitter pitchforks by saying it’s “freedom of speech unless you disagree with the mob.”