Jon Pardi Shares Appreciation for Army Crowd After Fort Benning Show

by Shelby Scott

As one of country music’s newest rising faces, Jon Pardi has built quite a name for himself. Taking on the appearance of a modern-day cowboy, Pardi just performed for a crowd of United States Army soldiers in Fort Benning. And while we weren’t there, we’re sure the show itself was phenomenal (why wouldn’t it be?).

However, Pardi shared some pretty epic photos from the concert thanking our military service members that give an idea as to how the show went. Check ’em out.

Typically, we’re used to seeing photos of our U.S. service members in the most somber of environments. However, Pardi highlights the youth and charisma of so many of our Army soldiers. The photos capture a highly energetic crowd, our soldiers pressed together in ways we haven’t seen often since pre-COVID.

“[H]onored to play for y’all!🇺🇸,” Pardi shared in his post. Meanwhile, Outsiders across the country shared their love both for Jon Pardi and our U.S. service members.

“So freaking great, this is how it’s done,” wrote one of the country star’s followers. One follower called Pardi “Modern Day Johnny Cash,” and truthfully, he’s not wrong.

On the other hand, service members from around the country shared their appreciation for Jon Pardi’s patriotic performance. “We appreciate your support🤙,” wrote one Jon Pardi fan. And to cap it off, one follower thanked our service members with, “Thank you everyone for your service!!!” and here at Outsider, we second that sentiment.

Jon Pardi Covers Randy Travis’s Iconic ‘Forever and Ever, Amen’

Since Jon Pardi portrays your modern-day cowboy, it makes sense the country singer receives great inspiration from country’s living legend Randy Travis. In a recent sit-down, Pardi shared he grew up listening to country music’s greats, Randy Travis among them.

Soon, not long after, the announcement of Randy Travis‘s Artist of a Lifetime Achievement Award, Pardi tributed the artist with covers of some of his hit songs, “Forever and Ever, Amen” among them.

You can check out the rendition of Travis’s iconic song during the second half of the below clip, however, Pardi also puts on a well-matched performance of another hit, “On the Other Hand.” Whichever one you listen to, you won’t be disappointed.

All in all, Pardi’s vocals are well-tuned to Randy Travis’s songs. While he takes a heavier presence in the lyrics during “On the Other Hand,” Pardi adds a much softer overall sound to “Forever and Ever, Amen.”

Travis’s original cut features his long notes and annunciated words and fragments. At the same time, Pardi’s rendition sees much more connection and fluidity throughout.

However, no matter which version you prefer, you have to admit that both Jon Pardi and Randy Travis are two of country music’s most talented artists.