Justin Moore Says Top 10 Single ‘We Didn’t Have Much’ Is a Song That ‘Took Me Back to My Childhood’

by Matthew Wilson

Justin Moore‘s current single, “We Didn’t Have Much,” is a nostalgic ode to the past. Penned by Randy Montana, Jeremy Stover, and Paul DiGiovanni, “We Didn’t Have Much” took Justin back to his hometown of Poyen, Arkansas, the first time he heard it—and that’s a connection he wanted to share with his fans.

The artist has the uncanny ability to make his music both feel like the most personal thing you’ve ever heard and also like it could be about anyone in the crowd. Moore earned his musical spurs with tunes like “Small Town USA” and “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away.” And if chart progression is anything to go by, Moore has another hit on his hands with “We Didn’t Have Much” (currently No. 7 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart).

Conjuring images of dusty roads and small-town living, the tune feels a little bit like a homecoming. Moore waxes poetically about the good ol’ days and tries to answer the question of if people can ever truly go home again. It’s the little moments that stick with us in life, and listeners will come away feeling a little misty-eyed. That’s just part of the Justin Moore charm.

“It was lyrically a song that took me back to my childhood and a time I grew up,” Moore tells Outsider in an exclusive interview. “I just really related to it. I grew up in the ’80s and early ’90s as a kid.”

Moments He’ll Never Get Back

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the single holds new meaning for the singer. Like many artists, Justin Moore went from life on the road to living at home full time. Moore’s story is like many people’s, but the singer has always found a way to make things feel personal.

In the past year, he went from sold-out shows to little league games, coaching his daughters’ softball games. It’s those moments as a father that stick with Moore the most. And that’s what “We Didn’t Have Much” is really about—little moments with family that we wish would last forever.

“Once the pandemic hit us, it kind of took on a whole different meaning for me,” Moore says. “My wife, myself, and our family, we were forced to lead a simpler life for a long time. Which was not a bad thing. I think this song kind of speaks to the beauty in that simplicity.”

Moore Success

And it’s moments as a child listening to Hank Williams Jr., Alabama, and Alan Jackson on the radio. All the way back then, Moore was just a hunting, fishing, and country music-loving teen. Now, he’s rubbing shoulders with those very same idols and inspiring the next generation.

“I learned throughout my career, if it’s personal to me, it’s probably personal to a lot of people out there. I think that’s been a big part of our success over the years,” Moore says. “Their music kind of described the way I was growing up. That’s something I’ve done subconsciously throughout my career. I thought they were writing and recording songs about me and my buddies. I feel like subconsciously we’ve kind of done that throughout our career.”

As for his success on the charts, well, Justin’s just as humble as can be. Moore thanks his legion of fans for keeping him in the business.

“If you would have told me I would still be on the radio this many years later and have hit records, I don’t know if I would have believed it,” Moore says.