Kane Brown and Wife Katelyn Welcome Baby Daughter Kodi Jane

by Courtney Blackann

Country music’s Kane Brown shared a surprise announcement with the world today. He and his gorgeous wife Katelyn announced the birth of their second child. They named her Kodi Jane.

The “What Ifs” singer shared a photo of him, Katelyn, and their new bundle of joy in a post on Instagram after welcoming their baby girl. She is the picture of perfection in the photo, swaddled in a blanket.

Further, Katelyn looks incredible – she looks more like she’s ready for the red carpet than just giving birth. And all of us here at Outsider are so happy for their family addition.

“New year, New family member, welcome to the family Kodi Jane, secrets finally out,” Brown captioned the photo.

The two were married in 2018 and are already parents to Kingsley Rose, 2, who was born a year after they wed. But this time around, the parents decided to keep their pregnancy private.

Brown also discussed becoming a parent and his relationship with his wife. He said she’s a fantastic mom and wife and he’s super grateful for her.

“I have learned to be patient, and I’ve also learned that there’s true love. And if anybody ever got between me and my daughter, I don’t know what would go on. She’s super chill. Kind of like me, just laid back. And if she gets mad, she’s super easy to cheer up real quick,” Brown says via PEOPLE.

He goes on to say:

“Kate’s been a great mom and a huge backbone for me if I have to go to the studio or if I go to a writing session,” he added. “There’s never anything that she can’t handle. She never hits me up and says, ‘Hey you have to leave your write early because I have to do this.’ She’s just there, so she’s awesome.”

Kane Brown Speaks About Parenting

The country star also discusses how becoming a parent was a life-changing event.

“Kingsley has changed my life. She smiles at me and my heart melts,” Brown shared, before adding that he hopes to also add a son to the family one day.

In addition to being parents of two adorable girls, Kane Brown and his wife also recently recorded a song together. They spoke about the process and how the song was a project they really looked forward to.

“We’ve been talking about doing a song together,” Brown told PopCulture in August. “And then we just heard this song come in that was perfect for us. I thought it was a beautifully written song. And so we’re just excited to get that up, kind of release it to the fans. I tell her that she’s my secret weapon.”

The song will be featured on Brown’s “Mad At This World” album.

“We just kind of wrote a song about our background, about how we connected, how we met. I wrote my verse by myself, and then the other writers wrote the chorus,” Kane Brown said to Good Morning America.

“So then when I brought it into her, and she listened to it and just heard the story about my side of the story of how we met, she loved it. So it’ll be cool coming together,” he added.