Keith Urban Joins Hardy on Stage at Whiskey Jam, Fans Absolutely Lose It: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard

There have been some great country music festivals and shows this summer. But how about Keith Urban joining Hardy up on stage at Whiskey Jam? Urban has been known to connect with the younger generations and it’s almost always a great thing. That’s exactly what we got with this performance.

Hardy is one of the most exciting performers in country music right now and along with Keith Urban, the two put on an absolute master class of a show. Whiskey Jam is no stranger to great performances and they might have gotten too used to all the greatness.

In the post below they forgot to even mention the Australian singer-songwriter at all! Imagine that…still, we all can hear and see the work that he’s putting in on that stage. Just being one of the guys in the band Not a country music superstar that’s been there and done that a few dozen times before.

“Sums up the night. [Hix Tape Music] takeover was one for the books. Thanks for supporting us through the ups & downs, we’ll never forget this one.”

Festivals and special events are made for things like this. When you go to see an artist live, it’s a different kind of experience. You don’t want to just hear copies of what they sound like on Spotify, you want an experience. So, that’s what these two gave the crowd.

In his career, Keith Urban has played just about every show out there. However, his passion keeps him coming back and keeps him wanting to work with more artists and help them achieve their dreams and goals. This isn’t the only recent show he’s done with a younger artist.

Keith Urban Joins Breland On Stage in Cincinnati

If you know anything about Keith Urban, you know that one of the close connections that the artist has made recently has been with Breland. The young singer-songwriter seems to bring out the best in Urban and the two genuinely love working with one another. One of those relationships that you just love to see form in real-time.

For young and newer artists, having a mentor like Urban can be invaluable. Being able to get advice from a person with the story that this Aussie has is something that no one would pass up. After so many years in the industry, he’s like a guru at this point.

While in Cincinnati, Keith Urban and Breland performed “Out the Cage” for the first time ever. It was a big moment and something that we will likely see more of in the future. Who knows who the next up-and-coming artist will be that Urban decides to take under his wing? As long as we keep getting hits like this, we’ll just keep taking them as they come.

Who would be your ideal duo with Urban?