Keith Urban Speaks Out on His Journey in Country Music

by Josh Lanier

Keith Urban believes you can look back at his previous albums and get to know him at that time. The Australian country music star said he’s always tried to be honest about who he is when writing music but also who he wants to become.

“When I’ve gone in to make a record all I’ve tried to do is capture the spirit of who I am at that time,” he said in an interview with SiriusXM’s The Highway. “The creativity is a reflection of who I am at that time.”

“And so they’re all honest records. I don’t look back and regret any albums I’ve done. That’s not who I am now, but it’s absolutely who I was then. The very first solo album Golden Road (and) Be Here I was that guy at that time. The overriding thing that I think has changed is when I was recording those records and writing songs like Somebody like You (or) Better Life I wasn’t that guy, but I wanted to be that guy.”

Keith Urban Discusses Career Hopes in 1992 Interview

Keith Urban has been a mainstay of country music for more than two decades. He’s a familiar face with a recognizable sound and style. But in 1992, he was still forming that identity.

So, it’s interesting to hear a 24-year-old Urban in 1992 discuss his life and his hopes for the future. The New Zealand-born singer is practically unrecognizable in the talk with John McSweeney of Country Clips. He’s sporting a platinum blonde hairstyle that’s closer to glam rock than country couture.

Urban is coming off a string of successes at the time. He’s been touring the world and recently won Australia’s Country Music Award’s Top Instrumental and Male Vocalist of the Year.

“It’s pretty rad, I mean, the people I was up against I’ve grown up listening to,” Urban said in the interview. “Just to be among them from a nomination point of view is great but to win it was really something else. When they read out my name it was amazing.”

He’s been able to hear his name called out at dozens of awards shows since. Urban recently announced his “The Speed of Now” tour which will begin in December 2021.