Kelsea Ballerini Cuts Lip Shattering Wine Glass in Her Mouth Following CMA Awards

by Madison Miller

It seems that maybe Kelsea Ballerini is taking her lyrics a little too seriously.

Ballerini, who performed her latest single “Hole In The Bottle” at the CMAs last night, almost put a hole in her mouth.

Wine Glass Incident

While sipping on wine the glass happened to shatter in her mouth. The glass went into her mouth and then cut her lip.

The worst part? Country music icon and winner of the Music Video of the Year Award, Miranda Lambert, just happened to catch a glimpse of the unfortunate incident.

Earlier on Wednesday morning, Ballerini tweeted that she was only coming to the CMAs for a glass of wine.

She just happened to get some of the wine and the glass.

Since the incident, Miranda Lambert hasn’t posted anything to her own personal social media accounts. Maybe Ballerini was graced by some spare good luck and she didn’t see anything. Unless Lambert is just turning a blind eye for Ballerini.

While some fans were quick to make jokes, some were just making sure she was okay after cutting her lip.

Ballerini fully expresses her appreciation for wine. Her website even has a wine glass that says “there’s a hole in the bottle.”

Ballerini and Twain Team Up

After the CMAs, Ballerini teased a new release with Shania Twain. The two are working on a new version of “Hole In The Bottle” that is set to release some time tomorrow. She confirmed this directly after her performance. Fans have been expecting this for a while after being given subtle hints that the pair were looking to collaborate soon.

Ballerini’s version of the song at the CMAs had some Twain influence in it, specifically with clothing that matched Twain’s older music videos.