Kelsea Ballerini Fires Back at Fan Wondering If She’s Pregnant

by Hunter Miller

A suspecting fan theorized that Kelsea Ballerini may be pregnant and the “Hole in the Bottle” singer had words.

On Thursday morning, the day following the CMA Awards, one fan took to Twitter to write: “Could our sweet adorable @KelseaBallerini be pregnant???”

Ballerini later replied to the tweet explaining that she is not pregnant, and that is it “incredibly insensitive” to ask a woman about such a topic.

“I’m sure you mean well, but it’s incredibly insensitive to ask or assume if another woman is pregnant,” Ballerini writes. “I’m not, by the way. Just carrying around my organs. But if I were, I’d want to share that in my own time when I felt ready. Let’s not judge bloat levels on the internet.”

Fans React to the Situation

After sharing the tweet, a number of Ballerini’s fans and followers weighed in with their thoughts. Many voiced support for the way the 27-year-old country star handled the interaction.

“I love the way you replied to this,” one user writes. “People really have to be trained on how things are not okay to say in 2020 anymore. They need to see us for more than just a baby maker machine. I’m sorry you had to read that, I love you K.”

Another user echoed a similar sentiment writing: “gracefully responded to this insensitive post.”

One user who says they are pregnant writes: “28 weeks pregnant over here and would have been DEVASTATED if someone outed that before I was ready. Aside from that, it’s incredibly rude that people (especially women) make such comments on other women’s bodies.”

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Kelsea Ballerini, Shania Twain Announce Collaboration

Earlier this week, Ballerini had fans suspecting that she potentially had something in the works with country music icon Shania Twain.

After a series of posts, Ballerini and Twain confirmed on Wednesday night that they are releasing a new version of “Hole in the Bottle.”

Ballerini performed the song solo on Wednesday night’s 54th Annual CMA Awards. Check out the performance here.