Kelsea Ballerini Posts Stunning Green Bikini Photo Showing off Toned Physique: ‘Soaking Up Last Weekend at Home’

by Samantha Whidden

On Saturday (August 14th), country superstar Kelsea Ballerini took to her Instagram account to show off how she spent the much-needed day off. 

“Soaking up my last weekend at home before hitting the road for three months,” Kelsea Ballerini captioned the post, which features a snapshot of her rocking a gorgeous green two-piece that shows off her toned physique. 

Kelsea Ballerini also shared with her Instagram followers that the new snapshot was a “hint” of a fun announcement that she will be making on Tuesday in the post. Ballerini will be hitting the road later this week to kick off her tour. Her first performance is at Las Vegas’ Park Theater alongside the Jonas Brothers. 

Kelsea Ballerini Opened Up About the Country Music World Welcoming More of A Genre-Blending 

During a December 2020 interview with Billboard, Kelsea Ballerini opened up about how the country music world is welcoming more of a genre-blending in terms of new music and sound. “It goes in waves, just like every trend in music,” Ballerini explained. She did say that she definitely feels like over the past five years there have been massive crossover hits that brought a new audience to the country music world.

“There will always be ‘purists’ that only want to hear certain kinds of country music, and I respect that, but I also think that country music’s always been evolving,” Kelsea Ballerini remarked. She then stated that a lot of women that she grew up listening to are now considered the pillars of the industry and are the people that were pioneering the sound. 

Kelsea Ballerini also opened up about how the pandemic has changed the way she communicates with her fans. “It’s the only way that I can connect with people,” Ballerini stated regarding social media. “So yeah, it’s really forced me to go there and show what I’m doing. I’m an over-sharer.”

“I really do put it all out there. I’m on there all the time,” Kelsea continued. “It’s my way of seeing what people are living. What people are going. Seeing if anyone’s having a hard day.”

Kelsea Ballerini further commented that she knows the people who have shown up to shows for six years. “To be able to really stick with people like that is nice. I also think that as a fan, I invest in the artist. And that’s why I love the music.”

In regards to working with fellow country singer Shania Twain on the Hole in the Bottle remix, Kelsea Ballerini said Twain actually reached out about doing something together. “We spent a couple of months going back and forth on song ideas. But it wasn’t until I watched the Hole in the Bottle music video that I was like, ‘Wait a second. I idolize this woman.’ And I tip my hat to her in this music video.’”