Kenny Chesney Kicks off ‘Poets & Pirates DJ Sessions’ On Sirius XM’s ‘No Shoes Radio’

by Atlanta Northcutt

No shoes are required to enjoy both poetry and piracy, along with the many other forms of entertainment Kenny Chesney is featuring on his new SiriusXM podcast.

Kenny Chesney kicked off his ‘Poets & Pirates DJ Sessions’ Monday on his SiriusXM channel ‘No Shoes Radio’. The eclectic array of Chesney’s friends, consisting of musicians, writers, actors, athletes and more, grant the country music star ample opportunity to delve into a wide range of entertainment.

“Everybody wants to be the deejay,” says Chesney in regards to his new SiriusXM show. “I figured I can let my friends come over and play. Let them share the songs that are meaningful and stories from their lives. I view ‘No Shoes Nation’ as the world’s biggest group of friends, and I like to think everyone knows everybody else – at least in spirit. So, when we decided to do this, I figured: ‘What a great way to get to know some of my best friends a whole lot better.’ “

‘Poets & Pirates DJ Sessions’

The hour-long show will feature many of the voices of East Tennessee’s vast group of entertainers, and can be heard on SiriusXM Channel 57 or via the Sirius XM app.

Kenny Chesney’s ‘Poets & Pirates DJ Sessions’ hands over the reigns to well-known performers and obscure favorites, including Ziggy Marley, John C. McGinley, Brett Favre, Eric Church, Jenny McCarthy, Grace Potter and Rick Sutcliffe. However, don’t worry about missing Chesney because he will be along for the show’s freewheeling ride.

“Music is the most common language of all,” Chesney explains. “When you want to know someone, ask them what they’re listening to. Beyond what they do, what they’re wearing, where they hang out or grew up, the music that connects with them tells you everything.”

Guests – Eli and Peyton Manning

Iconic football stars and siblings, Eli and Peyton Manning appeared on the first episode, where the three took a walk down memory lane together.

“The Mannings have been in my life since I was on Capricorn Records, and Peyton was still playing for UT. He came onstage when we played Neyland Stadium, sang ‘Back Where I Come From’ with us,” says Chesney. “Peyton and Eli just know what all these songs are about. So, to kick off something so personal and, honestly, so much fun, who better to start with than my old friends?”

Whether it’s Peyton unearthing “Whatever It Takes” from the United Way-benefit NFL Country CD, which became a duet of the first song Chesney ever heard himself sing on the radio, Eli talking about the lasting resonance of “Boys of Fall” throughout his college career or Peyton revisiting “Me & You”, the song Chesney sang at his wedding reception, these are the tales no one hears.

With ‘Poets & Pirates DJ Sessions’ on “No Shoes Radio”, Chesney’s once again found a way to broaden his world, entertain his tribe and deepen the connection between life, friends, and music.