Kenny Chesney Wishes Fans ‘Merry Christmas’ With Adorable Throwback Santa Photo

by Katie Maloney

Kenny Chesney is sharing an adorable photo of himself as a child posing with Santa Claus.

We’ve almost all been forced to pose for a photo with a mall Santa at some point in our lives. And although at the time we were probably very unhappy about it, years later, the photos make for some funny throwback posts. Chesney is no exception to this holiday tradition.

However, his photo doesn’t feature an unhappy kid with a creepy mall Santa. Instead, Chesney pulled at fans’ heartstrings with a photo of his adorable smiling kid self along with a jolly St. Nick. Along with the photo, Chesney writes, “Merry Christmas No Shoes Nation.”

Kenny Chesney Shares His Favorite Holiday Music

Although nowadays, Chesney prefers to spend the holidays on the beach, that wasn’t always the case. As a Tennessee native, Chesney says that he grew up listening to traditional country songs during the holidays.

“I mean, every Christmas, you heard Alabama. You heard Randy Owen singing ‘Christmas in Dixie.’ And it was just one of those songs that…you know, my hometown radio station played every year,” he said. “And I just always remember lovin’ that song, and then I got into the music business and was able to get to know Randy and Mark Herndon, Teddy Gentry, and Jeff Cook. They just mean so much to me.”

After hearing the song for so many years, Chesney was inspired to record his own version of “Christmas in Dixie.” He recorded the song with Randy Owen from Alabama for his album, All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan. The album spent 72 weeks on the charts and peaked in the number one spot.

Kenny Chesney performs “Christmas in Dixie.”

However, songs aren’t the only way Chesney gets fans in the holiday spirit. Throughout the season, he’s posted several festive photos.

Recently, Chesney shared a photo of himself wearing a Santa hat while quoting his song. Along with the photo, Chesney wrote the lyrics, “All I want for Christmas is a real good tan. Take me to the islands put my feet in the sand. Happy Holidays to everyone and all of No Shoes Nation.”