Kip Moore Shares Powerful Comments About Fallen Soldiers in Afghanistan

by Taylor Cunningham

Country artist Kip Moore reached out to his Instagram family after feeling the loss of 13 service members in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Thursday. “Whether you’re left or right, this should hurt,” he wrote alongside a photo of eleven flag-covered caskets.

Kip Moore didn’t want to start a politically driven argument today, but he did want to express his pain over our fallen soldiers in Afghanistan. On his Instagram page, he posted a long letter to his followers.

“I woke up angry this morning & as I started to write this, I realized that there’s some that’ll label this as a crazy right winger post,” he began.

On August 26th, a suicide bomber killed 13 United States soldiers and at least 90 Afgan civilians at the Kabul airport. The attack came after the Taliban seized power of the country and gave President Joe Biden an August 31st deadline to remove all service members and US citizens. The Pentagon announced that the final plane left Kabul today (August 29th).

Kip Moore Mourns the Loss of 13 Soldiers

Kip Moore is upset by how divided the country has become with recent elections, but he doesn’t want the recent death of 13 service members to be about politics.

“We treat politics like football teams. Not me…I pray for Biden the same way I prayed for Trump. I don’t wake up hoping they give me a reason to bash them,” he continued. The Young Love singer then wrote about his grandparents and how their experiences during World War 2 gave them a different perspective than our current society. And, he wishes people would learn to appreciate how privileged we are in the United States and grieve the people who fought for us.

He wrote that “we live in a place where we roll up to any church we want to attend (while drinking our ALMOND milk latte). We leave there to meet up with friends for our 1 pm brunch & mimosas. We wake up the following day and we complain….we’re an outraged bunch.”

Moore said he understands that our country isn’t perfect and we should continue to push ourselves to be better, but we still have freedoms and “a solid piece of land to lay your head.”

“If ya wanna be outraged about everything, make sure you add this one to the list,” he added. “This is just terrible and extremely sad.”

Kip Moore ended by sending thoughts and prayers to the families of the soldiers and Afghanistan citizens who also lost their lives in the blast.