Kix Brooks Compares Childhood to ‘The Andy Griffith Show’: ‘Our Household Wasn’t Leave it To Beaver’

by Clayton Edwards

Kix Brooks opened up about his childhood on the latest episode of “The Road You Leave Behind With Marty Smith.” He looked back fondly on how his life mirrored Mayberry. According to Brooks, “The Andy Griffith Show” was a favorite in his household. They didn’t just love the show. In a way, they lived it. While many other families could see themselves in the Cleavers, the Brooks family looked a lot like the Taylors.

Brooks explained to Marty Smith why his life was so much like “Tha Andy Griffith Show,” during the first minutes of the podcast. Much like Opie Taylor, Kix Brooks lost his mother at a young age. After her passing Brooks’ paternal grandmother moved in with him and his father.

He told Marty Smith, “My grandmother was big. Looked just like Aunt Bea.” His father, he said, was the real-life version of Andy Taylor. “My father, if you’d have met him, [was the] picture-perfect image of Andy Griffith. He talked like him and even kind of looked like him and had that same kind of homespun way about him and always seemed to have a good moral at the end of the day. He was always my grounded mentor.”

Kix Brooks Got His Work Ethic From His Dad

Kix Brooks’ dad taught him about fairness in much the same way that Andy Taylor taught Opie. About this, Kix said, “When I could find a way of weaseling out of something or maybe cutting a deal that was a little too much in my favor, he would always bring me back to the center and remind me what was right.”

Kix Brooks’ lessons from his father didn’t just come in the form of talks about doing what was right. His father gave him some hands-on lessons in hard work. Kix’s father was a pipeline engineer and as soon as Kix was old enough, he was working in the pipeline business.

Brooks was in the shop, working with other pipeline guys and loading trucks by the time he was fourteen. That lasted until he got old enough to get out in the field. This is where his education in hard work really began.

His father didn’t show him any preferential treatment. According to Brooks, it was the exact opposite. “When I was old enough to be out on the job, he always found the nastiest, hardest ditch full of mud or whatever where I could be with a shovel.”

Looking Back on His Childhood

He looks back on these days with a smile. These were the times that taught him how to go out and put in hard hours to get the job done. Country music fans the world over have Kix’s father to thank for the work ethic that made him the performer that he is today.

Kix Brooks also learned how to be down-to-earth from his father. Looking back on the strength of character that his father passed to him he said, “He went into the Service and put himself through college and obviously was a really smart guy. But, there wasn’t a pretentious bone in his body. He never pushed society or to be in the ‘in-crowd’. He was always home. I can still hear him whistling through the door at 5:30 every day. And he whistled out the door at seven o’clock in the morning. He worked ‘til the day he died and he loves his work just like I do.”

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