Koe Wetzel and Jelly Roll Announce Co-Headlining Fall Tour Dates

by Clayton Edwards

If you’re itching to see a couple of genre-bending country music-adjacent young artists tear up a stage and move a crowd, you’re in luck. This fall, Koe Wetzel and Jelly Roll will hit the road together for a short co-headlining tour across the United States.

Koe Wetzel announced the Role Models co-headlining tour on his Instagram feed earlier today. The six-stop tour will take Wetzel and Jelly Roll to Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Minnesota, Illinois, and Michigan. It all kicks off on October 27th in Birmingham, Alabama. Presale tickets will be available starting Wednesday at 10 AM Central Time on Koe’s website. Use the code ROLEMODELS to get your tickets early.

Interestingly, the Role Models tour doesn’t hit the home state of either artist. Koe Wetzel is a Texas native and Jelly Roll was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee’s Antioch neighborhood. However, hometown fans will be able to catch these two electrifying performers separately in the coming months.

Koe Wetzel and Jelly Roll are both currently crisscrossing the nation on their own headlining tours. Wetzel has two upcoming Texas dates this month. Jelly Roll, on the other hand, won’t perform in his home state again until December. He’ll close out his books for the year with a show at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, according to his website.

Those who are in Cheyenne, Wyoming for Frontier Days will get a taste of what Jelly Roll and Koe Wetzel bring to the stage. They’ll be performing at Frontier nights alongside St. Louis, Missouri-based rapper Nelly. That show takes place on July 28th.

Role Models Tour Will Showcase Genre-Bending Up-and-Comers

It would be a stretch to call either Jelly Roll or Koe Wetzel country singers. However, they both add a little country to their sound and have pulled in many more open-minded genre fans.

Koe Wetzel: Hillbilly Punk Rock

Wetzel has never tried to be anyone but himself. He went from self-releasing records to signing with a major label and is still making, by and large, the same style of music that he was when he started. This authenticity draws in fans by the boatload.

In an interview with American Songwriter, Koe Wetzel discussed the style he’s been honing for the last few years. He called it “90s country meets early 2000s punk rock with early 90s grunge and hip-hop music in the background.” His latest single, “April Showers” is a great example of his blend of country and alt-rock.

Jelly Roll: Rapper-Turned-Singer

Jelly Roll is a reformed drug dealer and former rapper from Nashville. He started his career with a 15-minute freestyle rap that went viral. Then, he continued to grow in the underground rap world. His songs were full of stories of his grittier days.

A few years ago, Jelly Roll started slowly changing his style. Today, the former gangsta rapper has a single on country radio and has performed at the Grand Ole Opry. Check out his current single “Son of a Sinner” below.