Lady A Announces ‘Ocean Deluxe Edition’ With Unreleased Songs

by Madison Miller

This upcoming new music Friday is going to be full of new country releases. One of which is from Lady A and their new release “Ocean Deluxe Edition.”

The release celebrates the one-year anniversary of “Ocean.”

This newer version will include a couple of unreleased songs. In addition, some of the previous songs have gotten a bit of a makeover while the band was stuck in quarantine. This includes an “at-home” version of “Let It Be Love” and a live edition of “What If I Never Get Over You.”

According to Music Row, the deluxe release will also feature Thomas Rhett on “Heroes.” The current Top 10 song “Champagne Night” will also be featured with some notable changes.

Fans were ecstatic on Twitter. Twitter users rejoice in the album’s surprise glamorous makeover.

Revisiting ‘Ocean’

On their song sharing the album name “Ocean,” the trio turns inward to make an emotionally rich song.

Hillary Scott delivers a painfully real performance in the music video for “Ocean.”

She begs to drown in someone that’s emotionally unavailable.

The band goes right for the heart. They tug and pull on its strings, making your heart feel full of something indescribable.

This is why their hit song “Need You Now” went nine times platinum. The band has no intention of shying away from singing about real, heart-aching things. “Ocean” seems to go back to the core of their career, which is creating resonating music.

From the more upbeat, can-do attitude of “You Can Do You” to the cleverly written “Boots,” the album is dynamic.

And, according to PEOPLE Magazine, “Ocean” is “the most powerful and passionate work that the trio has created.” Now, they may just be making it that much better.

Changes After One-Year

This album is also the first that will feature the band’s name change from Lady Antebellum to Lady A. The band changed the name because of the associations of the word “antebellum” and slavery.

In a Twitter post, they said, “We are committed to examining our individual and collective impact and making the necessary changes to practice antiracism. We will continue to educate ourselves, have hard conversations and search the parts of our hearts that need pruning …”

The band, however, looks to celebrate a new milestone.

“It’s crazy to think this album is only turning a year old because it has already been part of so many moments for us as a band … We wanted to share our appreciation with our fans with a couple of never released tracks we thought they might like and put a spin on some others that have been fun to play around with during quarantine,” Scott said about the album release.

You can pre-save the album here to be even more ready for that Friday release.