LeAnn Rimes Husband Eddie Cibrian Hilariously Recreates Iconic ‘Blue’ Music Video Moment

by Madison Miller

A new Instagram post from LeAnn Rimes will make you feel far from blue.

The “One Way Ticket” singer shared a hilarious video of her husband, Eddie Cibrian, recreating a scene from one of her most iconic music videos to date.

The music video in question was created to accompany “Blue,” the title track from her debut album in 1996. The album reached No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart. As for the music video, it has 9.3 million views on YouTube as of now.

The video has all the makings of a ’90s project. Now, it’s got an (almost) equally iconic parody from LeAnn Rimes’ husband. It’s a pretty amazing way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Blue,” which was celebrated on July 9, 1996.

In the Instagram video, Cibrian puts on a pair of chunky white glasses, just like the ones Rimes wore in the “Blue” video. When he does so, he’s suddenly transported to a crystal clear pool on a blue floatie. He’s casually floating, arm behind his head, in a completely serene moment. In the background, LeAnn Rimes’ classic tune plays.

When he takes the glasses off, it’s back to the bland real world. He tries them out again and the same thing happens. However, this time he gives the camera a seductive wink.

It’s a perfect like-husband-like-wife moment. For longtime fans of country music and LeAnn Rimes, it’s also an awesome reminder of an incredibly influential track in country music.

History of LeAnn Rimes’ ‘Blue’

As it turns out, LeAnn Rimes has had a lot of experience with fame. She got her start in the industry when she was only 13. This is when she released her debut album.

According to the official Grammy site, songwriter and Dallas radio disc jockey Bill Mack believed he heard something incredibly special in Rimes’ young, twangy voice. He wrote a song in 1958 called “Blue,” which only ever reached local radio airplay.

He was on the search for the perfect female vocalist. Mack originally sent it to Patsy Cline to record after she showed interest. Sadly, she died in a fatal plane crash in 1963 before getting the chance to record the future hit. A few others tried to master the song, but Rimes ended up being the perfect pairing for the tune.

She recorded a version of the song when she was 11 in 1993 for the independent release of the locally distributed album, “All That.” Nashville’s Curb Records caught wind of the album and signed Rimes. Then, in May 1996, she released her first national single a month before the album would follow.

The song would go on to launch her into stardom quickly. “I was very skeptical when ‘Blue’ was released as a single because it was very traditional, and I knew radio was gonna be hesitant to play it. They call it retro, but it’s true country music and it’s totally different from contemporary country, which has the pop feel,” Rimes said to Texas Monthly in 1996.

The album would allow Rimes to earn Best New Artist and Best Female Country Vocal Performance at the 1997 Grammys. She became the youngest person to win a Grammy.