LISTEN: Cody Jinks Releases ‘All It Cost Me Was Everything’ From Upcoming Country Album

by Clayton Edwards

Starting the week isn’t easy. However, it isn’t quite as hard when you’ve got brand new music to fuel you. Cody Jinks delivered two new tracks last night. He dropped one song from each of his upcoming albums.

His upcoming country album is called Mercy and it hits shelves on November 12th. Early this morning, Jinks released “All It Cost Me Was Everything,” to an army of waiting fans. He announced the title of the track back in July via Twitter. In that tweet, he also said that he penned that song with Kendell Marvel and Josh Morningstar.

If you’re a fan of Cody Jinks, you know what to expect from him and this new track will not disappoint. “All It Cost Me Was Everything,” is exactly what you’d want to hear from Jinks after waiting so long. It’s a killer track about living hard and paying dues and fits right in with fan favorites like “Been Around.”

With that said, let’s take a closer look at the song itself.

A Closer Look at the New Cody Jinks Track

Lyrically, “All It Cost Me Was Everything,” reminds me of “The High Cost of Living,” by Jamey Johnson. However, it’s less of a story about ruin and redemption and more a discussion about the price of living fast. However, what really stands out about the track is the solid writing. The word choice and cadence in the song set it apart from most tracks you’ll hear in modern country. For example, the opening lines will catch your ear. From there, the song doesn’t let go.

I’ve been high / I’ve been low / I’ve been wound up tighter than a hangman’s rope.”

In “All It Cost Me Was Everything,” Cody Jinks doesn’t seek out redemption nor does it seem like a lament of what he’s had to give up in exchange for his life. Instead, the track comes off as a frank statement of facts. Jinks puts a nice bow on everything with the chorus.  

Money can’t buy more than it can / When you ain’t got nothing but something to prove / The price is high for not giving a damn. / But when you don’t you ain’t got nothing to lose. / It ain’t hard to be a fool like me. / All it cost me was everything.”

It was great to hear new music from Cody Jinks. However, many fans will agree that the wait for Mercy seems much longer now that we’ve had a taste. Luckily, Jinks is currently on tour. So, if you’re lucky enough to have the chance to make one of his upcoming shows, you may get a bigger helping of what’s coming in November. Head over to his website for tour dates and tickets.