LISTEN: Trace Adkins’ New Country Music TV Series ‘Monarch’ Releases New Song, ‘American Cowgirl’

by Clayton Edwards

Country Music fans have been anxiously awaiting the premiere of Monarch. The new series starring Trace Adkins and Susan Sarandon looks like it will be perfect for fans of the genre. However, COVID paused production on the show and delayed its premiere by nearly a year. Now, we’re only a month out from seeing what the fictional First Family of Country Music has in store. Yesterday, showrunners decided to give us a taste of what we could expect with a brand new song from the show.

Music will play a big part in Monarch, so it stands to reason that they’d tease us with a new track from the soundtrack. “American Cowgirl” features vocals from Nicolette Roman actress Anna Friel. The fact that showrunners found a cast who can sing will add a little extra depth to the series. Check out the latest single below.

Co-penned by Monarch executive music producer Adam Anders, Casey Brown, and Heather Morgan the song sees Nicky Roman singing about being an all-American cowgirl. Throughout the song, she sings about her free spirit and steely resolve. Lines like “I rope your heart and take the reins. / I’ve got a love as big as Texas running through my veins. / I’m a don’t back down girl. / Saddle up and stake my claim. / Put the wild in the wild, wild west,” show that the song’s writers dug deep into country music tropes and imagery to bring us this new track.

This is the third song from Monarch to hit streaming services. You can hear Trace Adkin’s cover of “A Country Boy Can Survive” and the show’s theme song “The Card You Gamble” by Caitlyn Smith anywhere you stream music.

Monarch’s Music Producer Talks “American Cowgirl”

In a video on Twitter, Adam Anders talked a little about the song. First, though, he remarked on how important the music is to the show.  “Music is really the driving force of Monarch,” he said. “Every ambition of our characters, everything comes back to music.”

“I set up a session up with Heather and Casey Brown… who are phenomenal writers. We started the session just by me giving a brief,” he recalled. “Here’s what we’re looking for, here’s the scene, here’s the setup, here’s the title. What can we do?” The trio took the scene from the show and created the song above.

“Music is funny. It’s almost like magic. You start with nothing and a few hours later, there’s a song,” he said, remembering the writing process.

In the chorus, Friel sings, “Red lips, blue jeans, white pearls / I’m an American cowgirl.” Anders recalled that each of the writers contributed a piece to that line. After putting that together, the Monarch music producer knew they had something special. “Holy crap, that’s it,” he remembered thinking, “that’s a hit line right there.”

Monarch premiers on Sunday, September 11th on Fox after the Vikings/Packers game. Then, the show will air every Tuesday at 9 Eastern Time starting September 20th.