Loretta Lynn and Wynonna Judd Meet Up, Play Tunes: ‘Nothing’s Better for the Soul’

by Charles Craighill

Earlier today, Loretta Lynn posted a photograph to Facebook with her and Wynonna Judd playing some tunes. Lynn lives in her home in Hurricane Mills, a town she now owns completely. She lives in a recently built home instead of the old, historically haunted one where she lived for many years.

Sometimes your friends come over just to hang out and play a few tunes. Nothing’s better for the soul! Patsy took this when we weren’t looking! I love you, Wynonna. #friends #thejudds

Posted by Loretta Lynn on Monday, November 9, 2020

“Sometimes your friends come over just to hang out and play a few tunes,” Loretta writes. “Nothing’s better for the soul!” The picture was taken by Patsy, Lynn’s daughter.

Loretta Lynn and her Haunted Mansion

Loretta Lynn has been quite outspoken about her paranormal encounters. In Hurricane Mills where she has lived for most of her life, Lynn owns a large 19th-century plantation home. She has lived with her husband on that property since the 1960s.

She has been very open about her psychic abilities and the many ghosts she has seen in her time living there. At this old plantation home, Loretta Lynn has claimed to have seen apparitions of Confederate soldiers and noises that she cannot explain. Her children have also reported seeing and hearing such strange sights and sounds.

These spooky situations somewhat align with the history of the property. As Loretta Lynn Learned, the property exists directly atop an old civil war battleground. Nineteen Confederate soldiers are thought to be buried there.

In addition to the Confederate ghosts, Lynn also claims to have seen a mourning woman on the property, both inside and outside the house. She believes this apparition is the ghost of Beula Anderson, who died from grieving the loss of her child.

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