Loretta Lynn Posts Moving Message About Working with Female Country Superstars on New Album

by Emily Morgan

Loretta Lynn’s new “One’s on the Way,” from her new album, shows country music’s incredible progress for women artists in the industry. 

On Instagram, Lynn, who’s spent decades at the forefront of the country movement in the ’60s and ’70s, wrote about the symbolism the song represents. 

“I remember when there were not very many girl singers. It was a man’s world. That’s why it’s so special to have some amazing ladies on my new album, Lynn began. “@missmargoprice joins my new album Still Woman Enough with “One’s on the Way”. I think she’s fantastic. Listen now and let me know what you think!”

Loretta Lynn’s ‘One’s On The Way’ Still Rings True Nearly Fifty Years Later

Nearly fifty years after its original release, the classic country song remains just as relevant as it was in 1972.

In “One’s On The Way,” Lynn’s poetic lyrics center on the mundane yet chaotic life of a pregnant mother.

Lynn flips the script for the updated rendition of the song as she trades lines with Margo Price, turning what was originally a solo into a conversation.

“They say to have her hair done, Liz flies all the way to France / And Jackie’s seen in a discotheque doin’ a brand-new dance,” Lynn begins. 

At the time of the release, the names are female figures of the era, but today they could represent any number of people in 2021. 

“But here in Topeka, the rain is a-fallin’ The faucet is a-drippin’ and the kids are a-bawlin’ / One of ’em’s toddlin’ and one is a-crawlin’,” they sing, adding in later refrains that “the screen door’s a-bangin’ / The coffee’s boilin’ over and the wash needs a-hangin’ / One wants a cookie and one wants a changin’ … The dog is a-barkin’ and the floor needs a-scrubbin’ … And one’s on the way.”

“Obviously I love her voice, I love the way she sings — it’s so powerful,” Price shared in a video, “but it is what she’s saying and how she’s saying it [that made me a fan] … [Lynn’s story-songs] gave me the blueprint, as a country artist and just as a writer in general.”

Famous poet Shel Silverstein wrote “One’s on the Way,” which served as the title track of Lynn’s 1972 album. 

After she dropped the song the previous year, it hit No. 1 on the “Billboard Country Singles” chart.