Luke Bryan Takes a Fishing Trip with Bassmaster Legends Bill Dance and Kevin VanDam

by Shelby Scott

It appears Luke Bryan got one of his “Bill Dance” wishes when Bassmaster Kevin VanDam shared of photo of himself, Bryan, and Bill Dance himself on Instagram. In the photo, we see country star Bryan standing behind Dance and VanDam out on a fishing boat, the latter of whom shows off one large bass. After a sunny day on the lake doing what he loves with idol Dance and legendary VanDam, we can’t begin to imagine what a fun day the singer had.

VanDam also shared a full-length 25-minute video of the men’s outing and you can check it out in his Instagram bio if you’re interested in watching the full clip. Overall, the clip highlights a good time had by all three, VanDam joking that they don’t call him “Dr. Crank-enstein” for nothing as he reeled in a decently sized catch.

Watching the video, you can’t help but feel Luke Bryan’s bright and cheerful personality radiate out of the camera. As Bryan throws out a line, you may think of one of the chorus lines from the artist’s song “Bill Dance.” After such a memorable day on the lake, one of the best lines describes “A Georgia boy learning how to hook big bass/From a largemouth legend in a Tennessee hat.”

The two lines themselves possess an incredibly catchy rhythm and rhyme, and the fishing trip brings to life that image as Bryan fishes the lake alongside his idol. While lots of people, including celebrities, get starstruck, Luke Bryan simply remains his goofy self when he says early on in the video, “I didn’t bring y’all out here to make my lake look like it sucks,” after 15 minutes of 0 bites.

Although we are ecstatic about Luke Bryan’s opportunity to have taken Kevin VanDam and Bill Dance out on his lake, Dance also makes a guest appearance in Bryan’s music video and tribute to the Bassmaster. In collecting footage for the video, Bryan and Dance himself spent a lot of time just fishing together. Overall, it seems like a pretty easy scene to shoot.

For those who aren’t familiar with Dance and his long history in bass fishing, he is a world-renowned legend. Dance hosts his own TV show called “Bill Dance Outdoors. Overall, the series has over 900 episodes. Dance “became the face of professional fishing all the way back in the 1970s.”

During an exclusive interview with Outsider, the country icon shared the inspiration behind the hit from his Born Here, Live Here, Die Here album. “Bill is someone I’ve always looked up to,” he shared. “We had become buddies and I decided to write a song about the impact he’s had on my life.”

While the country star made public with the song his real-life idol, Dance didn’t seem unimpressed by the tribute either when he shared with Twitter followers, “My friend @LukeBryanOnline put out a new album today featuring a song called none other than ‘Bill Dance’…Thank you Luke for the humbling tribute.” While Bryan’s song is definitely a crowd favorite among country music-loving fishermen, we’re just excited to see the two have formed a real-life friendship over bass fishing.