Luke Bryan Kicks Off Hunting Season in Style with Dove Shoot

by Shelby Scott

Alongside claiming 27 no. 1 singles, with his hit “Waves” most recently topping charts, Luke Bryan is also an avid hunter. As hunting season draws nearer, Luke kicked off the long-awaited time of year with a rather entertaining dove shoot. @officialbuckcommander shared a brief video clip of Luke Bryan and Tyler Farr‘s dove shoot on Friday, and we highly recommend you stick around for the whole thing. If nothing else, watch for the laughs.

Watching the bullets find their mark and take out the doves proves almost as entertaining as the country artists’ commentary throughout. Viewers watch the two bird dogs in the video happily trail after each fallen bird, splashing contentedly in a big cooler of water after.

“Fetch ’em up,” Luke can be heard encouraging his little black dog in the video. “Good boy!” he compliments the pup, who seems relatively happy just to be outside.

Farr adds to the commentary throughout the clip, jabbing at Luke Bryan as he steps through mud saying, “What singer sang ‘Rain is a Good Thing’? ’cause he’s full of deer jerky.”

Overall, however, it appears the two men had a good day dove hunting, Farr concluding with “It’s been a long day folks. [Got] blood on my hands. Not sure if it’s mine or the enemy,” referencing the dropped birds.

Followers appeared to enjoy the video clip. One joked, “I don’t always miss doves, but when I do…I miss all three shots!😂” Isn’t that how it usually goes anyhow?

Luke Bryan Achieves a New Milestone with 27 No. 1 Singles

Hunting season is a major highlight for the country star, although recently he expressed his gratitude for the love of his fans and the longevity of his career. August 30th saw the country singer achieve his 27th no.1 single of his career. The song, “Waves,” hit radio stations earlier this spring and has dominated airwaves ever since.

Additionally, “Waves” marks Bryan’s fifth single off the album Born Here, Live Here, Die Here, whose first single was “Knockin’ Boots.”

Bryan first broke into country music with his first studio album, Doin’ My Thing in 2009. The album featured hit songs like “Rain Is a Good Thing,” “Do I,” and “Someone Else Calling You Baby.” The album was the first of now-11 albums to reach the Top 10 on Billboard‘s Top 100.

Bryan Was Not Crazy About ‘Drunk On You’

As aforementioned, Luke Bryan has achieved an impressive 27 no.1 singles throughout his career, and hosts a vast collection of albums and other popular tracks. However, despite the artist’s earlier success with “Drunk On You” off his Tailgates & Tanlines album, Bryan previously revealed he wasn’t the biggest fan of the song.

“I wasn’t crazy about it,” Luke Bryan previously revealed. His biggest issue lies with the segment of the song, “The speakers go boom, boom.” He further said he’d talked his thoughts over with fellow country artist Jake Owen and he just couldn’t decide whether or not the line was overly cheesy. Admittedly, the theme is prominent across country music as well as other genres.

Regardless, fans have strongly disagreed, as it is by far one of the artist’s most popular hits.