Luke Bryan Makes Generous Donation During His Farm Tour To Thank American Farmers

by Taylor Cunningham

Today is National Farmer’s Day. And to celebrate, Luke Bryan posted a throwback video from his 2021 Farm Tour where he donated a whopping $5k to a family who hosted an event on their property.

Ever since 2012, country singer Luke Bryan has been putting on a series of concerts that benefit farmers and families in need. During Bryan’s annual tour, he heads out to the flyover states and puts on concerts right in the fields of America’s farmers. The proceeds go to the ranchers who put food on our tables and donates meals to families in need.

With today being a national day of recognition for farmers, Luke Bryan jumped on Twitter to commemorate the day. And he urged his fans to use #Herestothefarmer to help Bayer send more meals to hungry families around the country.

“Let’s thank our American farmers on #NationalFarmersDay. Thanks for all you do to keep us fed & to these families who helped us host #FarmTour2021,” he wrote. “Use #HerestotheFarmer on social media & @BayerUS will donate a meal to a family in need through Feeding America.”

The Crash My Party singer attached a video clip from his 2021 Farm Tour. And in it, he thanks that night’s hosts for letting him set up his stage right in their backyard.

“Thank you,” he says to a couple before kicking off the show. “Because of these farmers, this wonderful farming family, we get to have fun tonight.” Then Bryan announced that because of his host’s hospitality, he and Bayer would be donating $5K worth of products to their farm.

Luke Bryan Celebrates American Famers in Epic ‘Farm Tour 2021’ Recap

Luke Bryan’s epic six-night Farm Tour wrapped up its 2021 season on September 18th. And the mega-star took to Instagram shortly after to pay tribute to his “favorite” series yet.

In the video, Bryan put together his favorite clips from the events.

In 2020, Bryan had to cancel the special charity series. So this year’s 12th annual run was extra special.

“Obviously, after coming out of COVID, not performing shows for a year and a half, to get out here on the farm and to see all these fans’ excitement has been pretty amazing.”

Then he told his fans why he’s so personally connected to the Farm Tour.

“[It] is so special for us because it kind of brings me back to my roots, growing up in a farming family and,” he added. “This year, more than ever, we really want to continue to celebrate the American farmer for what they do for us, what they do in feeding the world and feeding Americans.