Luke Bryan Says He Still Can’t Tell When His Wife is Pranking Him: ‘It’s Open Season’

by Katie Maloney

Pranks are the glue that keeps Luke Bryan’s 14-year marriage together.

You know what they say, a couple who pranks together, stays together. Well, we don’t know if that’s an actual thing that people say. But we do know that laughter is one of the pillars of a happy relationship. And it looks like Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline Boyer, got that covered. We all know that Luke Bryan is hilarious. In fact, fellow country musician Dierks Bentley called Bryan the funniest guy in country music. So, it’s only natural that Bryan’s wife also has a great sense of humor. And they both need to have a good sense of humor in order to put up with each other’s constant pranks.

Last year, Bryan shared a video of himself driving his truck and sneaking up on his wife who was peacefully riding her bike. As he inches closer he says, “She’s about to get train-horned and she doesn’t even know it.” Then he honks his truck’s horn which sounds exactly like an aggressive train horn.

Anyone out for a peaceful bike ride in the middle of the country is not expecting to be bombarded by the sound of a train barreling towards them. So, naturally, Boyer jumps in fright and then rolls off her bike onto the side of the road. All the while Luke Bryan is laughing hysterically and filming the whole thing. Bryan shared the video on social media. Along with the video, he wrote, “Lina gets hit with the train horn.”

Luke Bryan’s Wife Frequently Gets Revenge

But don’t feel too sorry for Caroline Boyer just yet. She is not a wuss when it comes to pranks and she knows how to get her revenge on her husband. In fact, during a recent interview, Luke Bryan opened up about what it’s like living which such a dedicated prankster.

“Our household’s crazy,” Bryan said “We just have a ball in life and have a ball with our kids.”

Bryan added that his wife is constantly getting more creative with her pranks.

“She continually gets even craftier,” said Bryan about his wife’s pranks. “On my birthday weekend, we had one of our toilets on the bus stopped up. It took me ten minutes to truly believe it was not a prank.”

Bryan also joked that he and his wife might need to come up with a “safe word” to know if something is a prank or not.

“We have those moments where I’m like, ‘Listen, I mean, if this is a prank, tell me now because I’m really getting really mad,” said Bryan. “You never know when they’re going to happen. It’s open season around the household.”