Luke Bryan Speaks Out About Going Viral for Helping Single Mom in Need

by Chris Haney

Last month, a video went viral of country star Luke Bryan helping out a mom with a flat tire, and he’s now spoken out about his good samaritan moment.

On Oct. 24, Bryan pulled over on a country road in Columbia, Tennessee to help a single mother and her two children. Courtney Potts ended up with a flat tire and was left stranded before the famous musician came to the rescue. Bryan didn’t know Potts filmed him while he changed her tire. But he quickly realized his act of kindness went viral when on the internet not long after.

“I just did what you oughta do,” Luke Bryan told Taste of Country Nights.

“I had no idea she was videoing me,” he explained to the outlet. “When I saw it the next day, I was like ‘Oh yeah, this is gonna get out there.'”

Yet Bryan couldn’t be mad at the situation. If anything, it paints the wildly popular country star in a good light. As for Potts, she too spoke to the outlet and said he went into “dad mode” in the viral moment.

“He’s just a humble guy,” Potts said of Bryan. “I told my mom he went into dad mode almost. All these women commenting on his butt on my TikTok (Laughs), and it was more of a dad moment. He was seriously worried about me and fixing the tire on this car!”

“Thank you again @lukebryan. I cannot thank you enough for helping me and my kids! It really made our day so much better!” Potts wrote on Instagram on Oct. 25.

Luke Bryan Comes To the Rescue in Viral Moment

Courtney Potts and her two young children were lucky that Luke Bryan was passing by. He and his two sons were on a hunting trip when they passed them stranded on the side of the road. Potts is a longtime fan of the country musician and knew who he was immediately, but didn’t even have time to be starstruck.

“Right when I walked up she was like, ‘Holy s–t!’” Bryan says.

Yet there was work to be done. As soon as he pulled up to help, Bryan’s concern for Potts and her children took over. Bryan let Potts know that her car was in a dangerous location, and that they needed to move it over since he almost hit her when passing by. Once they moved her car away from the road, he went to work.

“He literally just got down on the ground and started changing a tire,” Potts told the outlet.

It turns out that Potts has seen Luke Bryan in concert at least once. However, the fan likely never thought she’d get the opportunity to meet the country star. Not only did she get to meet him, after he finished changing her tire, the pair and her children took a photo together. What probably seemed like a terrible day didn’t turn out so bad with a little help from the “Drunk On You” singer.