Luke Bryan Wishes Son Tatum Happy Birthday Showing Off His Giant Fishing Catch: ‘Love You Buddy’

by Samantha Whidden

Country superstar and American Idol judge Luke Bryan hit up his Instagram account on Wednesday (August 11th) to wish his son, Tatum, a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday Tot. You are growing up way too fast,” Luke Bryan writes in the post, which features a snapshot of Tatum holding up a huge fish. “I hope you have the best 11th birthday ever. I love you buddy.

Tatum is the young son of Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline. He was born on August 11, 2010. The couple’s oldest son, Thomas Boyer “Bo” Bryan, was born on March 18, 2008. Luke and Caroline are also raising their nephew Tiden “Til” and nieces Kris and Jordan. The three children are Bryan’s late older sister Kelly’s kids. After Kelly’s husband, Ben Lee Cheshire, passed away in 2014, Bryan took the kids in and has since been raising them. 

Bryan Opens Up About Raising Three Boys 

In a January 2017 interview with People, Luke Bryan opened up about having three boys in his home. “They always have seven or eight of their friends over. Our furniture is constantly getting broken and damaged. But we try not to think about it too much.”

Although it is pure chaos, Luke Bryan says it’s just life at the Bryan household. “I wouldn’t want it any other way,” he explains. He also states that his boys are amazing, great, perfect, and precious.

At the time of the interview, Luke Bryan’s nephew Til was 15. “I can’t wrestle him anymore because he can throw me around pretty good. And Bo and Tate are into Nerf guns and fishing and outdoors. All my boys are. I’ve brainwashed them quite well.”

While discussing having custody of Til, Luke Bryan states the situation just kind of happened. “I woke up one day and I’m raising a teen,” the country singer reveals. He also says it has been a challenge because his main thing is his nephew is just properly giving the right amount of advice. 

“I have to be that parent role where if he does something, he needs to get in trouble, but I want to be a friend to him too,” Luke Bryan admits. 

Bryan’s IMDb TV Docu-Series ‘Luke Bryan: My Dirty Diary’ Release

Bryan’s highly anticipated IMDb TV docu-series Luke Bryan: My Dirty Diary was released over the weekend. As previously reported, the series follows the country singer as he experiences ups, downs, triumphs, failures, and tragedies through his well-known successful career. 

In the first episode, which premiered on August 6th, the docs-series viewers watched how Bryan’s life was in his hometown of Leesburg, Georgia. Bryan previously spoke to People about his main career goal. “My true focus is to continue to work hard and write great songs. I may try to chase down a little thing to show them. But hey don’t forget I can do that.”