Luke Bryan’s Son Tries to Recreate Memories, Ends Up Stuck in a Swing

by Kati Kuuseoks

Luke Bryan’s been known to attract a little bit of chaos every now and then. I mean, remember when his manager accidentally kicked him in the head? Or that life-size bacon bust…? The guy knows country and the guy also knows how to have a good time. It looks like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree and his son might have inherited a funny bone or two from the country star. Luke’s wife Caroline just captured a totally priceless moment when their son’s curiosity got him in a little bit of trouble. More on that below.

Kids Just Bein’ Kids

It’s hard to imagine what it’d be like growing up with two megastars for parents. Still, it looks like Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, do a good job at letting their kids just be kids. Their little “Tater Tot” got hit with some nostalgia seeing a toddler swing and decided to give it a whirl in the hopes of “bringing back memories.” And… well, this is how it went.

Mom Caroline wrote in her caption: “My kid got stuck in a toddler swing…WTH was he thinking??? I’m still laughing at him though! #boymomadventures

His brother and a friend were quick to start the rescue. It took a whole lot of finagling, though, and some not-so-comfortable positions for the 11-year-old. @dsthreadz jokes that the little guy will be “singing soprano for a while!! Lol.” The only help his mom offers in the video is continuing to capture the whole thing, telling the boys: “let me enjoy this.” It’s one of those embarrassingly adorable videos that the family can replay at future holidays, weddings, and graduations.

Where’s Luke Bryan?

So, Luke Bryan doesn’t actually make an appearance in the video above. His tour probably has a little something to do with it. He’s set to play Mountain View, California tonight before bouncing from California to Mexico and Vegas. WE Fest 2022 wraps things up in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota on August 6th.

The singer also just took to his official Instagram page yesterday to preview another project he’s been working on. He captions the small clip with the following: “Had a blast with my buddy @chuckwicks on his new animated series, Road Stories! Watch on @circleallaccess tonight at 10/9c pm.”

In the preview, Luke goes into a funny story about his other son, Bo. Turns out the boy accidentally stepped on a master cord at one of his shows and it caused a total blackout. Lights, sound, everything immediately switched off mid-concert. When asked if he blamed his son and told the audience what happened, Bryan says: “of course, it was his fault.”

Check it out here: