Luke Bryan’s Wife Shares Hilarious Video Pranking Son Bo’s Deer Hunt

by Josh Lanier

Luke Bryan continues to deliver the laughs during his annual “12 Days of Pranksmas.” He recruited his wife Caroline to help out with the most recent prank on their 12-year-old son Bo. She posted the results on her Instagram.

“The Hunt. I told Bo @officialbuckcommander wanted some hunting footage of him. Poor guy…I completely ruined his day! He’s still mad at me!! @lukebryan @officialbuckcommander,” she posted with the video.

The video opens with Bo applying camouflage face paint on himself and his mom. Bo excitedly tells his country singing dad, who’s filming it, his plans to bag a seven-point buck. But he has one request.

“Don’t be loud in the stand, please,” he pleads.

“Oh, your mom’s quiet,” Luke Bryan replies off camera.

But in the tree stand, she is anything but. She loudly slurps her drink, crunches the ice, and talks at full volume. She opens what sounded like the world’s loudest bag of potato chips and even shushes him when he protests.

All the while, Bo is becoming more and more exasperated with his mom. At one point, he begs her to stop filming because he worries people on the Internet won’t believe she’s an actual country girl.

The final straw comes when Caroline pops in her headphones and begins to loudly sing the O’Reilly Auto Parts jingle. She even throws in the “yeow!” She can’t help but laugh as Bo whines, “Oh my God, I’m done. I’m really done.”

Luke Bryan enlists Tim Tebow to Kickstart ‘Prankmas’

Luke Bryan put aside his rivalry with Tim Tebow so they could prank Carolina to kick off Prankmas earlier this week.

The Bryans had won in a charity auction for the Brett Boyer Foundation the right to keep Tebow’s Heisman Trophy for six months. But before the real Heisman would show up, the duo created a fake trophy and smashed it to pieces. Then they had that one delivered to Caroline. She panicked when she saw the damage.

“I don’t want to be responsible for that,” Caroline says in a video of the incident. “I’m gonna throw up. This is exactly why I did not want it around here. I was like, my kids will touch it …”

Tebow shows up a few minutes later and delivers the real Heisman to a very relieved Caroline.

She uploaded the entire prank to Instagram.