Luke Combs Does It Again, Dropping Unreleased Love Song ‘The Kind of Love We Make’

by Jonathan Howard

We all know that Luke Combs can let out a roar and sing a hype song, but when he slows it down a bit it’s really special. That goes for a previously unreleased love song that Combs uploaded to YouTube.

Combs wrote the song along with The Brothers Hunt, Jamie Davis, and Dustin Nunley. The tune is short and sweet, but it is a great little song. He got together with his friends and the trio put together a great little jam on the tour bus.

In the description of the video, Combs explained the song.

“Written a ton of songs over the last year and a half. Here’s one I wrote with The Brothers Hunt, Jamie Davis, and Dustin Nunley. It’s called The Kind of Love We Make.” He also shared the lyrics. The mood is set with the first six lines of lyrics.

We’ve been burnin’ both ends/Keepin’ the lights on/Cuz I’ve been thinkin’ we need/A little time alone/Whatcha say we cancel our plans/Tonight I’m only gonna be your man.”

Luke Combs and his gruff vocals sound great over the top of the harmony is just awesome. Nothing like jamming out with some friends and a couple of guitars. It looked like they were having fun hanging out and playing the unreleased song. My only question is, will there be another verse added or will it stay 78 seconds long? Can’t wait to see what’s next from the country star.

Luke Combs Tops Charts with Jameson Rodgers Collab

Recently, Luke Combs and Jameson Rodgers got together and put out Cold Beer Calling My Name. Now, the song has catapulted to No.1 on the charts. So, of course, both artists are excited about their success. This is going to be around for a while. Especially with football season in full swing.

The song is on Rodgers’ latest album Bet You’re From a Small Town. Both artists have had a chart-topping single in the past. So, this is nothing new, but it is still super exciting.

Combs said, “Congrats to my buddy @jamesonrodgers on his second #1 song! Thankful to be a small part of it. Gonna be many more where that came from no doubt in my mind. Thanks to the fans and country radio for this one. I think I can hear one of those cold beers now as a matter of fact.”

As for Rodgers, he had his own words about the new hit. Speaking with Billboard, the country singer said, “I moved to Nashville to write songs, hoping that one day I could write a hit for myself. A dream came true for me this week. I can’t believe this is my second No. 1 song.”