Luke Combs Facing Backlash After Old Tweets About Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga Resurface

by Thad Mitchell

Past social media activity could be coming back to haunt rising country music superstar Luke Combs.

The singer has risen to fame in the last few years after taking the industry by storm in 2017. His popularity grew popularity really took off in 2017 upon releasing his debut single “Hurricane.” The song went platinum and stayed at the top of country music for multiple weeks. That honor was last accomplished by Florida Georgia Line, when they released “Cruise” in 2012.

Combs’ popularity has grown so much in three years, that he was nominated for Entertainer of the Year at the CMA Awards.

Like it has with so many other celebrities, it looks like youthful indiscretion on social media is coming back to bite Combs. Pop Culture reports the singer is receiving backlash after several rude tweets have reemerged. In the tweets, Combs speaks poorly of popular singers like Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and MIley Cyrus.

Combs Gets Backlash for Old Tweets

Late last month, fans dug up some tweets that Combs had sent out several years ago. The posts were made before he made it big in the world of country music. Now that he has risen to fame, the tweets are being looked at in a new light.

Here are a few of the tweets that have Combs in hot water.

In August of 2013, Combs wrote, “Miley Cyrus…The reason for my decision to spank my future children.” He ends the tweet with the hashtag #keepitclassy. It isn’t known if a particular incident motivated Combs’ tweet.

@Katyperry and @NICKIMINAJ please stop dressing like @ladygaga,” he write. “You are not her and after tonight clearly do not want to be.”

This tweet from the summer of 2011 calls out music artists Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj and their choice of wardrobe.

The singer takes a shot at Lady Gaga in another tweet from nine years ago.

“@ladygaga you look…just awful,” he says.

While the tweets are several years old, they have resurfaced and many have recent comments from social media users slaming Combs for his words. Over sevens years since his Miley Cyrus tweet, a fellow tweeter chided the country singer.

“I’m so sorry for your future children,” the post reads.