Luke Combs Helps Out Fan Who Was Scammed Out of His Tickets To Concert

by Taylor Cunningham

It looks like a Luke Combs fan had a bit of mishap after purchasing a pair of tickets to the country singer’s upcoming concert. So, he jumped on Twitter and asked Combs if he could help him out. And, of course, Combs came through.

Cameron Smith was planning on going to Lukes Boone, NC show. But he had some problems getting the tickets that he apparently paid hundreds of dollars for. So, in a last-ditch effort, Smith posted a tweet asking Luke Combs if he could help.

“Yo @lukecombs , @VividSeats has scammed me out of my tickets for Saturday’s show that I paid $700 for,” he wrote. “I can show proof where I bought them back in March of 2020. Anyway you can help a brother out with 2 tickets to Saturdays show?” he pleaded. “Vivid won’t refund either. @nicolecombs.”

Eight hours later, Luke Combs responded. “Cameron Smith +1. They’ll be at will call bud. Enjoy the show,” which was a pretty solid move. We have a feeling that Combs’s response will be even more memorable than the concert.

Luke Combs recently said that his unique road to success affects how much respect his fans have for him. But we think gestures like this one affect it just the same.

Luke Combs Keeps the Good Deeds Going

Luke Combs is well-known for having a heart of gold. When fans reach out for help, he’s always willing to do what he can. Earlier this month, a teacher tweeted the Beautiful Crazy singer to ask if he could help her purchase some classroom supplies, and Combs was happy to oblige. 

A Kindergarten teacher sent out a tweet when she needed some back-to-school items for her students in North Carolina. Teachers usually have to cover the cost of their classroom supplies, which can be a huge financial burden.

“Hi @lukecombs! I wanted to reach out and see if you wanted to support an Appalachian Alumni with her teacher Amazon wishlist!” she wrote.

Teacher amazon wishlists are used to support local teachers, so they don’t have to spend their paychecks on art supplies, decorations, and other common teaching aids.

“I teach kindergarten in NC and could use some help with #clearthelist. Appreciate the support!” she finished. Amazon created the #ClearTheList movement to raise awareness about the lack of classroom supplies around the country, and Luke Combs supported that movement by purchasing everything on her wishlist.

“Cleared it for ya,” he wrote. “Good luck to your students and GO APPS!”