Luke Combs Performs Pre-Race Concert Before Cup Series Final

by Jennifer Shea

Country star Luke Combs performed a special pre-race concert in advance of the NASCAR Cup Series final.

Combs sang “Blue Collar Boys,” a song he debuted on television especially for NASCAR, and “Angels Workin’ Overtime.” 

Watch here:

Combs’ Live Performances Interrupted

Combs had been on tour when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Instead of playing live shows, he had to go home to Tennessee.

He’s kept playing livestream performances, though, and he told Rolling Stone he’s actually enjoyed the time at home.

“I haven’t had any time at home for three or four years now,” Combs said. “I definitely wish we were out doing shows, but it’s like hitting the reset button for me. It’s been great to get in a normal-life routine: doing shit around the house, writing some songs, hanging out with my fiancée. We got chickens now, so we go out every morning and let them out and put them up at night. We planted a garden. We make coffee in the morning and cook every meal.”

Waiting to Get Back to Concerts

“A simple existence is something I enjoy — and just finding joy in the quiet,” he added. “I don’t have any neighbors here that I can even see from my house, so I can hunt right here, ride ATVs, go look for morel mushrooms in the woods. I’m just living the redneck dream out here right now.” 

Still, Combs reassured fans that he’s just as anxious to get back to performing as they are to get back to attending concerts.

“I want to get back out and do what I love doing, and I worry all the time that what I do is literally going to be the last thing in the world that starts happening again,” Combs told Rolling Stone. “It’s a very uneasy time for me, but I’m making do with what I have. I enjoy doing the livestreams and am going to continue to do those and work on my music and try to come back stronger than I was before.”