Luke Combs Shares Video of Unreleased Song ‘Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old’ While Stuck in Daytona

by Charles Craighill

While the bad weather at Daytona caused a lot of problems for the race, it did have some good come out of it. For instance, Luke Combs graced his fans with a sneak peek from his unreleased song.

While trapped in his spot near the Daytona Super Speedway due to the winter storm sweeping the country, Luke Combs whipped out his guitar to play a song. He posted a video of him playing the song, which he calls “Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old,” on his Instagram today.

“Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old (Unreleased Original),” Luke Combs calls the song on his Instagram. “Haven’t been able to get home from Daytona yet because of the weather so we’re just hanging out. I figured I’d share a new song I’ve been working on with @channingwilson and @bigrobsnyder. What do y’all think?”

As Luke Combs mentions in his post, he had his beautiful guitar painted by Bill Patterson. The Gibson has an American Flag painted across the bottom, and a red #27 NASCAR racing across the soundhole. Based on the video, Combs produces sounds a lot lovelier than a NASCAR engine from that guitar.

Luke Combs Meets Bubba Wallace at the Daytona 500

While Luke Combs may be stuck in Daytona Beach until this weather clears up, his visit had several high points. For instance, the country star got to perform at the opening ceremonies for the Daytona 500. Not many artists have had the joy of performing for a live audience since the pandemic hit, so that must have been a joy.

Beyond that, Luke Combs got to meet up with the hottest driver in NASCAR right now. As he had a little time on his hands after his performance, Combs wandered down to the track. In his adventures, he ran into Bubba Wallace, who would drive the brand new #23 car for the new 23XI racing team. Wallace shared some pictures of the two shaking hands with each other on Twitter during the long weather delay.

While the two may have been there for separate reasons, it’s safe to say that the weekend was worth it despite the weather.