Luke Dick and Dierks Bentley Team Up for New Song, ‘Blazer’

by Will Shepard

Country star Luke Dick has teamed up with Dierks Bentley for a new song called “Blazer.”

The award-winning artist joins up with Bentley for an upbeat, stereo-blaring song. In addition, this song release comes from the highly anticipated project, “Music From the Documentary Red Dog.”

“Blazer” is an ode to how the road-tripping life never really ends and is always an ongoing process. In comparison to the old Chevrolet Blazer truck that once tore up the roads. The groovy, sanguine song sees Dick and Bentley swap verses.

Dick and Bentley sing: “I’m still a Blazer, still got miles and miles to go / I’m still a Blazer, still got wheels and a radio / You might not see me down the road, but you know you’ll see me later / Cuz I’m always on the road / Yeah, I, I, I, I’m still a Blazer.” 

Accordingly, Dick wrote the song with Joey and Jeff Hyde. As a song that seems destined to remain in the hearts of his fans, it’s clear Dick hasn’t lost his songwriting ability.

Dick on Songwriting Prowess

As the song goes, “might be a little stuffed up / might be a little dated,” these lyrics ring true to the singers.

He and Bentley seem to be talking about how they aren’t washed up yet. Although they might be a little outdated and little worn, they are still cruising through life in style.

However, as an award-winning songwriter, Dick has no short of hits he’s written. Some of those hits have been sung by Bentley himself. For example, Bentley’s well-known song, “Burning Man” was written by Dick, along with one of the songs from The Mountain.

Dick has written tons of songs for other artists. In particular, Miranda Lambert’s singles “Bluebird” and “Settling Down” and their success is due in large part to him. However, Dick sings alongside Lambert on their new project “Polyester.”

In truth though, his new project Red Dog is about growing up in an irregular way. Regardless, the project is a tribute to her working as a dancer in the Red Dog club.

Nonetheless, this song, “Blazer” is an awesome take on growing old and certainly worth the listen.

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