Maren Morris Opens Up About Holding Herself Accountable in Her Music Career

by Jacklyn Krol

Maren Morris spoke candidly about accountability during a Country Radio Seminar panel.

What Maren Morris Had to Say

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, the “My Church” hitmaker discussed diversity and accountability during the panel that also featured Luke Combs.

Morris gave an honest look at how she previously held herself accountable after it was brought to her attention that she didn’t have any Black writers or producers on R&B-influenced songs she has released.

“There’s an amazing writer that you probably know, Andrea Williams, she is a Black writer,” Morris began. “And she called me out last summer. She was like, ‘Maren, love that you’re doing R&B songs on your record. Love ‘RSVP.’ Why are you doing them with a bunch of white people?”

“I remember when she said that on Twitter, I was sort of that bow up, ‘Why are you coming for me? I love Black people,'” she continued. “I think just accepting that and going, ‘Oh okay, that’s a really good question. Why am I doing these R&B-influenced songs?’ Because that is in me, with a bunch of white people. I think for me going forward, I’ve got to correct that and acknowledge that yeah, absolutely, cultural appropriation is a real thing.”

Future Changes

Maren Morris hopes to see changes in the overall music industry as well as herself personally. “Going forward I just want to pay respect to the people that actually built it for me,” she explained. “Just continue working and educating myself and educating people around me.”

Although she realizes that not everyone shares the same ideals, she can make sure that her beliefs are known. “I can’t shove it down anyone’s throat but if you follow me, if you’re a fan of mine, you absolutely know where I stand,” she said. “And this is not about a pile on or talking a bunch of smack about country music and its peers. It’s about accountability of all of us, including me. So that’s how I would like to move in this space going forward.”