Matthew McConaughey Reveals His First Role Was in Trisha Yearwood’s ‘Walkaway Joe’ Music Video

by Suzanne Halliburton

Matthew McConaughey is giving us all a fun, nostalgic ride.

As he did a promotional book tour for his memoir, Greenlights, McConaughey revealed such detail about himself. He appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show back in March to talk about the book and other thoughts occupying his head. Matthew McConaughey is a big thinker, so he has an opinion on most anything.

And on the Clarkson show, he requested his fellow Texan sing a very specific song — Walkaway Joe originally performed by Trisha Yearwood. Clarkson was happy to do the song for Kellyoke.

Clarkson posted a look-back clip Wednesday on her Instagram with the interview she conducted with Matthew McConaughey. She explained the clip: “(Be right back) Rewatching this music video ASAP! Did you know Matthew McConaughey’s first gig was on set with Trisha Yearwood?”

It’s True. Matthew McConaughey Didn’t Say a Word In His First On-Camera Performance

Yes, the first time anyone saw Matthew McConaughey in front of the camera was for the Trisha Yearwood music video.

McConaughey explained: “It was early 1992 going and I was going to college here at the University of Texas.

“This is before Dazed and Confused. I was trying to get odd jobs in front of the camera, when I could. And I got cast in that music video to play Joe.”

He continued the story: “Things are going well. Then where we end up at the last stop, she wakes up and Joe, myself, is nowhere to be seen. And therefore, walkaway Joe.”

And Matthew McConaughey added this little nugget — he also appeared in Unsolved Mysteries. If you’re looking for the episode, it originally ran Dec. 2, 1992. And click here to watch the key clip.

McConaughey was Larry in the episode. He was an ex-Marine, doing his mother a favor by mowing her lawn. Meanwhile, a sexual predator was in the neighborhood. He drove up to a group of kids. Larry snatched the car keys and tried to keep the predator from escaping. Instead, the predator shot Larry several times and fled the scene. What an ominous way for Matthew McConaughey to kick off his career. Fortunately, he did OK for himself.

You also could question Joe’s lack of character in Walkaway Joe. The song was a hit in 1993, as it soared to No. 2 on the Billboard Hot Country chart. And there was an unknown Matthew McConaughey playing the guy who lost interest in Trisha. We’ll note that Yearwood didn’t play herself in the video. As Clarkson pointed out, 1990s-era country music videos were huge productions, with plots and actors.

At the end of the interview with Clarkson, McConaughey pointed out that he’s still never met Yearwood. Surely, they’ll fix that.

And here’s the video. Enjoy some early Trisha Yearwood and a very young Matthew McConaughey.