Midland Singer Mark Wystrach and Wife Announce Baby No. 2 on the Way

by Taylor Cunningham

Midland singer Mark Wystrach and his wife Ty Haney have great news. The couple is expecting their second child this December. And it’s a boy!

Ty Haney announced the news yesterday on Instagram. And she did it in the most adorable way.

“Sunny manifested a baby brother like I did this STRIKEEEE!” she wrote. “Been busy making eyeballs….and a new biz, both coming down the lane December!”

The post included a video of Haney bowling with her 23-month-old daughter Sunny. And Haney is showing off a cute little baby bump. To make the moment even more perfect, Midland’s song Make a Little is playing in the background.

The couple first became parents in 2019 when they welcomed Sundance “Sunny” Leon into the world. Wystrach’s twin brother and Midland bandmate’s wife had a baby girl right around the same time. And that wasn’t the only milestone the couples shared.

Haney told People that not only did they have baby girls “within three weeks of each other,” they also got engaged and married at the same time. “It’s pretty amazing,” she said.

Garth Brooks Joines Midland for Their First Episode of ‘Set it Straight’

Midland debuted their new podcast, Set it Straight, in August. And their first guest was one of the most legendary and iconic country music stars ever—Garth Brooks. What a great way to kick of their new venture, right?

The country crooning trio dropped the episode on August 27th. And the episode, Set It Straight: Myths and Legends is available on Amazon Music. But they posted a short teaser on Twitter.

Midland on Twitter: “It’s here y’all. Catch episode 1 of our ‘Set It Straight: Myths and Legends’ podcast only on @amazonmusic. Listen to the whole episode with none other than the legend himself, @garthbrooks right now, here: https://t.co/WAOQxTQGyx #SetItStraight https://t.co/LbzyRlMaao” / Twitter

“And so here it came,” Garth Brooks said in the video. “We got a chance to be with the people and they were gonna tell me where I was at in my career and it began. And uh, and you talk about – you talking about fun, you talking about memorable, you talking about those last things that you see when your last breaths are taken on this earth, that day will be one of them for me.”

The Country Music Hall of Famer gave Midland props for starting their podcast and said he’s there to support them in every way possible.

“Um, I’m here out of respect, and I’m here for anybody that’s got the courage to do what you guys doing,” he said. “I’ll suit up right next to you, paint my face, pick up a sword.”