Miranda Lambert Opens Up to Her ‘SHEro’ Emmylou Harris About Latest Mutt Nation Adoption Campaign

by Jacklyn Krol

Miranda Lambert worked with her hero or “SHEro” Emmylou Harris to get dogs adopted.

The two country superstars spoke in an ad campaign for Lambert’s nonprofit, MuttNation. The goal of the #LoveHarder campaign is to focus on dogs that are harder to get adopted, like black dogs, pitbull mixes, seniors, or dogs with special needs.

On April 8, Miranda Lambert posted a video of the pair on her social media accounts.

“She does a lot of work with senior dogs and special needs dogs,” Lambert said of Harris. “It takes a special person to seek out special needs and senior dogs. I guess I want people to have an answer on what they bring to you.”

“They bring so much into your life, somehow,” Harris responded. “And maybe it’s cause I’m an old dog myself. That I appreciate old age and that maybe we need a little more comfort and care.”

“That’s beautiful,” Miranda Lambert added. “I have two seniors as well and I lost one last year. It’s a different kind of bond. I feel like they just have stories in their eyes. They slow down, and they make you slow down. I think it teaches me to be more patient.”

Miranda Lambert and Emmylou Harris’ Dog Work

Aside from music, both Lambert and Harris are heavily involved in charity work concerning shelter dogs.

Miranda Lambert founded MuttNation alongside her mother Bev in 2009. The goal of the foundation is to promote and facilitate shelter dog adoptions. They also educate pet owners on spay and neutering, support animal shelters, and provide both financial and transport assistance during emergencies and disasters.

Meanwhile, Harris works with Bonaparte’s Retreat. Her rescue organization takes in older, special needs, and larger dogs.

“We’ve been very fortunate to find homes for all of them over the year,” Harris said. Emmylou Harris recently adopted a senior pup named Jeter for herself.

“You’re not only one of my musical heroes, but learning about what you do for animals and how we share that passion as well,” Lambert praised.

Harris loves her pooches so much, that she regularly brings them on stage with her. For Lambert, her pups go on tour with her. “There are two of my pups that go on the road with us,” she told Alabama.com. “I’ve got six, with very different personalities. These two are pretty chill. They’re ready for just about anything.”

Miranda Lambert has always looked up to her idol even as a child. “My dad introduced me to her music,” she explained. “One of the things she does, she always keeps the lyrics original, always sings from the perspective of the story. You feel the emotion. She’s one of those people, her voice just cuts to the bone. … And there’s always Loretta Lynn.”