Miranda Lambert Spills Secret Fun Facts About ‘Settling Down’ Music Video

by Atlanta Northcutt

Nothing keeps country artist Miranda Lambert down.

Other than actually settling down or perhaps settling up with her husband and best friend Brendan McLoughlin.

Miranda Lambert Answers Questions of New Video

Miranda Lambert live-streamed a Q&A premiere for her fans on Oct. 21, the same day the video was released.

“I wanted to chat with you guys and answer some questions ya’ll sent in on Instagram,” she begins.

“How did you come up with the concept of the video?” one fan asks.

“I came up with the concept because of the lyrics of the song,” explains Underwood. “I wanted to shoot at home and my farm, especially with my husband so it was very intimate. We talked to our favorite director Trey Fanjoy, who made this idea into a beautiful fairytale but also very down-to-earth.”

“Trey took my little idea of filming an at-home video of this song, and turned it into something epic,” she adds.

Finding Home on Her Farm & In the Arms of Her Husband

Carrie’s thankful she was able to shoot at her happy place with her happy person. “It was a really good day,” she confirms.

The “Settling Down” music video, was shot near the pair’s farm outside of Nashville.

Carrie Underwood says her favorite part of filming was watching her husband, Brendan, come to life on film. This is his video debut.

“He’s so sweet and humble about it, but he really killed it so that was fun to watch,” gushes the country singer.

Another question asked on Instagram was what was it like filming with Brendan, and why Carrie chose to have him in her most intimate music video.

Without hesitation, Carrie says, “Duh! I think we understand why we had him in the video. He’s very pretty. We are in need of a video babe. He is there so it just works out.

He makes an appearance in the video showing off his perfect abs, sending fans into a tizzy.

“He’s doing a good job. He’s just laying here and being hot,” Miranda jokes while she and Brendan are lying on the hammock together.

But she also pokes a little fun while saying, “He’s my video vixen,” says Miranda. Brendan hilariously responds, putting a finger over his pouting lips and making love eyes to the camera.

However, Miranda admits Brendon was a little nervous to play a part in the video.

Miranda Lambert Rides Her Horse, Gibson

One commentator took note of the horse Carrie is riding. Underwood is then asked if the horse was of the breed Gypsy Vanners.

“Yes, it was Gibson, my Gypsy Vanner,” says Underwood. “He is my powerhouse and can be a little bit scary since we’re both so green. However, we had made an understanding with each other. It will always be magical in my mind.”

“The most difficult scene to film in the video was the horse riding scene as we tried to capture it with a drone. Gibson and I practiced a lot, and we had a real bonding moment as we pulled that off,” adds Carrie.

While waiting for the rain to stop, Miranda Lambert says she sat on Gibson for a very long time while the film and crew worked to create the video and alter the drone according to the weather.

Close to the Couple’s True Love Story

“Life encouraged me to write this song,” she says.”I got married, but still on the road having a gypsy soul. I want to write a song speaking to the sentiment of the ability to have both. The video compliments the lyrics, I believe.”

The couple laugh and joke around between takes, showing a true and compassionate friendship and relationship.

“Brendan and I got married on the farm making it even more special in capturing the video here together,” she says.

The video ends with Miranda Lambert walking to Brendan in a white hooded gown. He stands in a tuxedo, holds her hands, and gently kisses her forehead. The two then walk with Gibson into the barn.

Music Video Facts:

  • Filming the video at her farm outside of Nashville was Miranda’s idea.
  • Miranda’s husband, Brendan McLoughlin, co-stars in the video. Miranda’s featuring a real love-interest in her video.
  • A huge storm caused flooding on Miranda’s farm, pushing back the video shoot a week.
  • The shawl Miranda wears in the hammock scene is an item from her IdyllWind Fueled by Miranda Lambert collection.
  • “We began shooting the video at 6 a.m., getting the last shot done at 10:30 p.m. so it was a very long day, but a fun one,” says Carrie.
  • Miranda’s dog, Delta Dawn, has also made appearances in five music videos. She’s starring in “All Kinds of Kinds,” “Hush Hush,” “Takin’ Pills,” and Pistol Annies’ “Hell on Heels.”
  • An important message Miranda Lambert uses in the song is something her mother would previously tell her.