‘Mississippi Girl’ by Faith Hill: Story Behind Chart-Topping Track

by Atlanta Northcutt

Faith Hill tells the true story about becoming a celebrity and explains how her fame hasn’t changed her country girl ways.

Hill blatantly states in the chorus of “Mississippi Girl” how she feels about sticking to her Mississippi roots.

Faith Hill is a Mississippi Girl Through & Through

“‘Cause a Mississippi girl don’t change her ways/ Just ’cause everybody knows her name/ Ain’t big-headed from a little bit of fame.”

The song is an autobiographical story expressed through lyricism and music.

“I’m a Mississippi girl, born and raised and proud of it,” says Hill during an interview with CBS. “My mom and dad still live there, along with my oldest brother and his family. And I’m a simple girl that just happens to have a career and a proud mom of three beautiful daughters.”

Although Faith Hill has won numerous awards, including four Grammy’s, she explains in “Mississipi Girl” how she’s still the same and how fame hasn’t changed who she is as a person.

The song was the lead single off her sixth album, Fireflies, which was released in 2005. It became a No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot Country charts.

Success Hasn’t Changed the Mississippi Girl

Hill states how she is from Star, Mississippi in the very first line of the song. She explains how even though people think she’s changed after gaining fame, she’s the same person she’s always been.

The only thing that has changed is her surroundings. She expresses how she’s proud to be from Mississippi. However, she’s also proud of the hard work she’s put in, leading her to achieve success in the music industry.

“I had big, big, big dreams of doing lots of things and going lots of places. But it’s just ten-fold and then ten-fold again and again and again,” she said. “It’s just been an incredible experience, an amazing opportunity that we’ve all been able to be a part of. And it’s just fun.”